Monday, June 22, 2009

Pulang ke Tanah Melayu

Pheww..Finally I got my days off after almost 7 weeks being far from my love ones...I will depart from Libya tomorrow afternoon and expected to arrive in Malaysia the next day afternoon..I really can't wait to put my feet to the land which I called Tanah Melayu..

Things that I'm going to do when I arrive:
  • Kiss Emir Faiz gazillion times!!
  • Find a good food to eat.
  • Get back home and have a good shower..
  • and last but not least....secret that I never tell...hahaha..
Okay people..I will continue writing when I'm at home..dah lame tak update about my Emir Faiz kan..will do soon..

Sunday, June 14, 2009

Bahasa Jiwa Bangsa

Bersesuaian dengan tajuk di atas saya akan menggunakan Bahasa Melayu sepenuhnya untuk entri kali ini.Ya, saya tahu penulisan Bahasa Melayu saya tidak begitu bagus tapi saya cuba ya.
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Setelah beberapa tahun berkerja di dalam industri yang saya ceburi ini, saya merasakan kebanyakan rakyat Malaysia adalah tidak ambil peduli atau dalam perkataan yang lebih mudah difahami ialah mengambil mudah dengan bahasa kita iaitu Bahasa Melayu termasuklah diri saya sendiri. Kenapa saya berkata atau berfikiran begitu adalah kerana saya sendiri juga begitu acuh tidak acuh dengan bahasa melayu saya sendiri.

Saya mempunyai banyak kenalan kerja dan kebanyakkan mereka adalah berbangsa arab dan yang lain-lain datang dari Rusia, Perancis, Itali, Brazil, Venezuela dan macam-macam negara lagi. Mereka-mereka ini begitu kagum dengan bahasa mereka dan saya merasa sedikit cemburu kerana apabila mereka berjumpa dengan rakan-rakan sebangsa mereka akan menggunakan bahasa mereka sepenuhnya (maksud saya disini, mereka tidak mencampur-aduk dengan bahasa inggeris) berbeza dengan orang-orang Malaysia disini, apabila kami berkomunikasi kami akan mencampur-aduk bahasa melayu dan bahasa inggeris (kami = rakyat malaysia di Libya dan saya sendiri).

Saya tidak pasti sama ada anda semua perasan atau tidak, jika kita berkomunikasi dengan bangsa lain, contohnya dengan orang indonesia, kita (bangsa melayu) akan terikut-ikut dengan loghat mereka. Sama juga seperti jika kita berkomunikasi dengan bangsa lain seperti bangsa India dan Cina. Kita lebih mudah mengikut loghat mereka. Adakah kita bangsa melayu malu untuk menggunakan bahasa kita sendiri atau kita semua tidak merasa cukup bangga dengan bahasa kita?? Jawapan nya ada pada diri kita sendiri.

Di sini saya tidak mengatakan bahawa bahasa inggeris itu tidak penting ya. Saya sendiri menggunakan bahasa inggeris sebagai bahasa perantaraan ketika saya berkerja tapi setelah beberapa ketika saya merasa rindu untuk berkomunikasi dengan bahasa ibunda saya sendiri. :)..Sesetengah rakyat malaysia merasa bangga jika mereka dapat berkomunikasi dengan bahasa inggeris dengan lancar (begitu juga saya) sehingga kita alpa untuk memperbaiki bahasa kita sendiri..Terdapat juga sesetengah ibubapa yang tidak mahu langsung anak-anak mereka berkomunikasi dalam bahasa melayu mungkin mereka rasa bahasa melayu itu standard nya begitu rendah..:(

Jadi dikesempatan ini saya ingin mengingatkan kepada anda (sesiapa yang sudi membaca nukilan saya ini) dan kepada diri saya sendiri, tidak perlulah kita hendak mengagungkan bahasa inggeris kerana ianya tidak mencerminkan bangsa anda. Bahasa Jiwa Bangsa.

Apa pendapat anda??

P.S. Saya rasa penulisan Bahasa Melayu saya bagus juga yaa...hehehe..

Saturday, June 13, 2009

Happy mode!

Hi all!!

It's been soooo long since I sent my last entry life is pretty hectic right now...but I 'll write about it when I'll go back home okay..

By the way, just to share with you guys my happy feeling..

I'm going back to Malaysia soon!!!

Oh my...right now I'm counting the days jer nak menjejakkan kaki ni di Tanah Melayu...can't wait!!

Monday, June 1, 2009

SOLD and without mercy

Normally when I'm about to go back to Libya I will make sure I have something to kill my time when I'm free be it books, movies or drama series. So this time I equipped myself with books since I don't have so much time (ewahh macam busy sangat kat umah..actually busy jage Emir) to download any movie. I brought along with 4 books and I want to share with you guys two of them. These two books really caught my attention and my motherly feeling towards my kid.

SOLD by Zana Muhsen

The first book is recommended by one of my friend. A book by Zana Muhsen is based on through story. Whole story is about a fifteen year old Zana Muhsen and her younger sister Nadia were living a normal teenage in Birmingham in a Muslim family. One day their strict father told them that they would be going on a six week holiday to the Yemen where they would experience white sandy beaches and camel racing. So, when she arrived with her father's friend, she was told that she and Nadia had been sold by their father into illegal marriages with two boys who lived in their village. Their lives turned into nightmares when they suddenly had to endure beatings, rape and childbirth at a very young age. Their in-laws forced the girls to write letters to their mother telling them that they were having wonderful holiday, but she soon found out why they were really in the Yemen. Somehow the girls got in touch with journalist Eileen MacDonald, who interviewed them and took photographs of the girls in their hostile environment. Their mother also got in touch with the authorities in the Yemen, who agreed that both marriages were illegal. Unfortunately, only Zana was able to escape and return to worldwide fame, and Nadia is still in the Yeman. However, Zana promised to try every possible way to remove her sister from her imprisonment.

Without Mercy by Miriam Ali

The continuation of 'Sold' is 'Without Mercy'. This book is written by Zana's mother. This book, by a loving mother telling each struggle she went through in finding her daughters. Although Zana managed to escape from the brutality in Yemen, there was still Nadia and her grandchildren. Miriam stood firm in her decision to seek help from as many parties as possible to rescue Nadia from her misery. Miriam showed her love through the ferocious struggle she made in the battles against modern slavery. This is a true first-hand story of how a mother fought, the anguish she was in and the tormented and awkward situations she had to face. Of course, these battles also offended many parties, including her ex-husband, the father of her two daughters who were sold to Yemen as child-brides. Then, the men who did the same to their children, the government officials and so on. Despites all these, Miriam never gave up.

After finish reading these two books, I felt so mad and angry with the father yang sanggup jual anak and yang lebih memalukan that he's MUSLIM. This man sangat memalukan umat Islam with his attitude. As a mother point of view, I think Miriam is very tough mother. I'm really proud after what she had done to get her daughters back.

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