Tuesday, April 28, 2009

Where was I??

Wandering where am I going for the past few days?? what did I do during those days??

I was going for HOLIDAY in SABAH!!

He..he..he...Everything was very spontaneous..Actually my husband got an exhibition to attend that happened to be in Sabah..and since I don't have any plan to go and I'm quite free for the time being why not accompany my husband to Sabah, right??

Just for you to know, my husband has a few relatives that live in Sabah which is on his mother side..His "wan" and "tok wan" is staying in Sabah since his tok wan was serving the country and retired there...So kalau ke Sabah mestilah wajib we all stay dekat rumah wan..Rumah wan is located in Likas which near to Kota Kinabalu town..Plus wan masak sangat sedap remind me of my beloved arwah mak..rindu nyer dekat arwah mak..=(

Also joining us are my MIL and SIL..So that morning our flight was at 6 in the morning, we all woke up quite early..around 4ish in the morning..having a baby will double up my time to get ready..yelar mane nak siapkan my baby lagi nak mandi lagi..so I have to do it on one go jer..arrived at the airport around 5.30 am and terus pegi check-in..we departed to Sabah with Air Asia and knowing that Air Asia ni tak boleh lambat-lambat check-in otherwise bye-bye la..no refund ticket if you're late..nak dijadikan cerita, after we checked-in we all took breakfast dekat foodcourt..between foodcourt and departure gate is quite far which took us about 15 minutes walking distance..so agak semput jugak la berjalan kaki..okay-okay..back to the story, punya la we all asyik berborak sesambil makan nasi lemak yang sedap itu, we all pon menjeling ke arah jam..dalam hati "ooo, lagi 45 minutes sempat lagi ni.." tanpa memikirkan yang we all ni naik flight bukan naik bus, we all pon decided nak perform solat subuh dulu then baru nak pegi ke gate..tetibe one of us terpandang dekat screen yang paparkan all flight's time.."eh,flight ke Kota Kinabalu dah final call la!!" we all pon ape lagi tak sempat nak ke surau terus patah balik berlari-lari ke depature gate..tak sempat la we all nak solat subuh..ish.ish...dah la I dengan bawak baby lagi..memang Watson Nyambek pon boleh kalah kalau lumba dengan I during that time..hehehe..memang tak boleh lupe la..

Emir and I dalam plane

We arrived in Sabah around 9 in the morning and my uncle picked us up..my husband went straight to the exhibition...poor him that he couldn't get a chance to rest after 2 hours on the plane..but what to do kerja tetap kerja..

Errmm...actually intention ke Sabah bukanlah nak holiday sangat pon but more to visit our relatives and also tok wan yang dah tak berapa sihat..most of the time we stay at wan's house helping her buat kuih and kemas apa-apa yang patut..kesian jugak tengok wan..tak menang tangan, manakan nak buat kuih lagi, jaga tok wan lagi, masak lagi, kemas rumah lagi..but I kagum la dengan dia..she can do all those work without complaining penat and what not..if I was in her place tak tau la nak macam mana..by the way, wan sangat expert buat kuih traditional like kuih puteri sebilik, kuih akok, kuih koci (This is my favorite and I like it so much!! sangat sedap la wan..) and macam-macam lagi la..I think if I stay dekat rumah wan lagi lama boleh di pam-pam la jugak badan ni..hehehe..wan memang ambil tempahan kuih dekat Kota Kinabalu..most of her customer are VIPs, Hotels and restaurants..but lately ni wan kurangkan ambil order because of tok wan's condition..

During our four days in Sabah, we just went out for only one day jer..so during that 'one day' was compact with visiting our aunties and went to buy some survinour for my family back in Kuala Lumpur..We went to Philipine's market and stopped by at few stalls that sell keronsang,bracelet, necklace which made by pearl..mutiara sangat sinonim dengan Sabah kan..I don't really know how to differentiate between genuine pearl and the fake one because they really look a like..one that I knew is yang fake tu senang nak tertanggal kulit dia..does anyone know how to differentiate genuine and fake pearl?? One more thing I pon tak tau why they call it Philipine's market instead of Kota Kinabalu market ke..I guess maybe there's a lot of Philipinoes thar are working there..sempat juga I membeli Philipine's sweet mango..manis!!!

All in all, memang best sangat dapat visit Sabah, and since this year will be my hubby's turn celebrating Hari Raya with his family, he's deciding to celebrate in Sabah!! semangat sungguh mr hubby sampaikan balik jer KL terus purchased ticket sebab nak ticket murah..I just pray that I can balik raya for this year..I will work on it since this year is the first Hari Raya with Emir Faiz..Ibu will berusaha dapatkan cuti for you!!

Okaylah..Emir dah nangis tu nak susu..panjang pulak entry kali ni..hee...pen off..

Qoute of the day : Especially with children, smal things wear the garments of greatness. The little words "I love you" and "I'm sorry" enrich both the giver and receiver.

Friday, April 17, 2009

The Waterlily..

Last night me and my hubby had dinner at The Waterlily Cafe..The place located at Puchong IOI business park..Ermm..eventhou we're staying in Puchong for quite sometimes, me and my husband just realized dengan kewujudan restaurant ini...but I think the word 'cafe' it's not really suitable for this place sebab it will make people confuse tentang concept restaurant ni..reason nyer akan dijelaskan di bawah..huhuhu

The reason why I said the word 'cafe' is not appropriate to be used here because normally when we mention about cafe we all will think it must be like another Kopitiam but this place is not Kopitiam at all!! It is a restaurant..Maybe I should voice it out or talk to the manager perhaps?!!..hahaha..tetibe emo plak I ni..

Talking about the restaurant, I like the atmosphere in and out of this restaurant..Upon entering the restaurant, sights of chefs grilling steaks can be seen. The atmosphere is gentle and warm, dim orange lights create a relaxing and romantic feeling throughout the establishment. The walls are fully hung with various newspaper articles recommending this restaurant.

Food choices are mainly divided into light snacks, mixed grills, nasi lemak and pasta. Steaks are prepared in Balinese style, similar to those in Bumbu Bali, another Bali oriented restaurant that serves excellent Western food. As for me I chose BBQ chicken wing served with potatoes and for drink I've ordered Green Apple Splash..I like my drink so much!!

BBQ Chicken Wing..like the smell of lemongrass..

Green Apple Splash...very tempting kan?? Tengok pon boleh terliur..=P

Mr Hubby has ordered BBQ Lamb Grilled..served with gravy (sangat sedap!) and coselow and a slice of watermelon..

Emir was sleeping while we're eating..boleh makan dengan tenang nyer...hehehe

All in all, this restaurant boleh di kategorikan okay la..next time boleh datang lagi and nak try order yang lain pulak..

Quote of the day: As parents, we never stand so tall as when we stoop to help our children.

Jale-jale g Kote Bharu..(Jalan-jalan pegi Kota Bharu)

Come sokmo!!

*Day 1*

Alhamdulillah we arrived around 5 p.m...Laju jugak Mr.hubby bawak kerete..maintain 100 km/hr so that boleh sampai before malam..Sampai2 terus call kawan Mr.Hubby sebab nak stay dekat rumah die..Mr.Hubby selalu datang rumah die dulu and he always said to me..

"Sayang you should come to Ayie's house..Best.."

Dalam ati meronte-ronte nak tau ape yang best sangat umah kawan die tu...bile dah sampai baru tau..memang best!! besar sangat!!..Ayah die contractor so buat umah sendiri...

Malam tu we all makan nasi kerabu yang agak famous kat Kota Bharu..Nasi Kerabu Yati..Memang sedap..Kebetulan Mr.Hubby nak jumpe kawan sekolah lama die..Kawan die doctor dekat HUSM..wife die sangat lembut orang nyer and baik..Yang paling best dieorang pon ade baby jugak!! Baby Farhana baru 6 months but Emir lagi nampak besar dari die..hehehe..semangat betul anak ibu ni...Unfortunately I tak sempat nak snap gambar sebab dah lapar sangat..Lame jugak we borak2..sampai Emir and baby Farhana tertido dekat situ..elok sangat la tu...=)

*Day 2*

Mr.Hubby pagi2 lagi dah siap2 nak pegi keje..So after sending him at the front door I pon siap2 nak mandikan Emir..Pagi tu takde plan nak pegi mane2 because no transport and don't know where to go pon..After I breastfed my baby, we both continued our sleep sebab penat journey semalam tak terbalas lagi..huhuhu..

That afternoon, I had lunch with my hubby friend's sister...Die yang masak..simple jer but sedap!! Pastu borak2 la dengan kakak tu..macam2 cerite la kiteorang discuss..kakak ni lepas abes buat Master die duduk rumah jer jage anak die..so boleh dikatekan dah lame la jugak die tak jumpe sesiape yang boleh di ajak berborak..so mase I ade tu die pon cerite panjang la..hehe..kakak I love chatting with you!!

Petang tu my hubby balik then we all lepak2 kat luar rumah makan goreng pisang sambil borak2 dengan kawan my hubby..very relaxing dengan suasane yang nyaman..different la dengan KL..

That night we were out for Mee Udang Pasir Mas...Mee die nampak macam x sedap tapi sedap!!macam mane tu..hehehe...

The famous mee udang in Pasir Mas

*Last Day*

We woke up quite early that morning sebab my hubby nak balik before noon..so we packed up our stuffs and salam2 dengan family kawan my hubby..Had breakfast at nearby stall and nasi berlauk die sangat sedap!! fuhh..memang saye akan jadi gemuk kalo duduk kat Kota bharu ni lame2..hehehe...Then we stopped by at bazaar close to Pasar Siti Khadijah because I just remembered that my mom pesan belikan die caftan..I did buy for myself too!!

Sempat jer tangkap gambar ngan tokey kedai kain..

Kedai Emas yang famous kat Kota Bharu..Untung sape yang dapat kawen ngan anak tokey kedai emas..hikhikhik

After saye membuang duit di situ kami pon pulang dengan senang ati nyer (actually I sorang jer yang senang ati sbb dapat shopping kejap..hehehe)...

Memang banyak changes dekat Kelantan...so sad I couldn't manage to visit my MRSM sebab jauh sangat la..but on the way to KL we passed by MRSM Kuala Krai..memang cantik..MRSM Kuala Krai used to 'tumpang' at my MRSM mase dulu sebab MRSM dieorang tak siap lagi...

Emir was enjoying the beautiful scenery along the way..

That's all folk!!

Quote of the day : Accept the individuality of your child when others engage in comparisons.

Sunday, April 12, 2009

Cik Siti wan Kembang..

I'm off to Kelate tomorrow. Ikut hubby outstation..since my visa pon still pending lagi so I pon ape lagi cuti-cuti Malaysia continued laa..tomorrow we will start our journey to Kota Bharu...hehehe..It was six years since I last visited Kelantan..Mase tu pegi amek result SPM..but during that time I was in MRSM Jeli..Jeli and Kota Bharu will take more less 2 hours driving..hopefully my hubby baik ati nak bg I visit my old school..mesti dah banyak changes in Kelantan by now..can't wait!!

Doakan journey kami selamat sampai dan selamat kembali yer..=)

Okay..will update with hot story about Kelantan trip..I'm off to sleep now...zzzzZZZzzzz

Wednesday, April 8, 2009


After came back from Dubai, I feel so weak and I had sore throat..Maybe sebab lama sangat dalam plane and terlampau letih..Risau pulak jangkit dekat Emir Faiz..biarla I jer demam but not Emir..Visa tak settle lagi ni...Momentum nak keje pon dah hilang..ni yang rase nak quit ni...

Sunday, April 5, 2009

My version of "The Terminal"..

It's really not my day..after feeling really regret by leaving my son back in Malaysia, now I'm stuck in Dubai airport having visa problem and I missed my flight because of that...but people says 'setiap sesuatu yang berlaku pasti ade hikmah di sebalik nye' and that is happening to me..From what had happened to me I get an opportunity to meet my son again because they send me back to Malaysia!!

Actually it was my mistake that I wasn't aware dengan Visa ni..Right now I'm having a resident visa to Libya and I didn't know that I have to have entry/exit visa kalau nak masuk Libya..I pon x faham why this country nak susahkan orang..what's the point having a resident visa kan..my visa department pon bukan nak inform kan I pasal this matter..BTW, when airport staff tengok my passport they said memang I ade entry/exit visa tu but it's already expired..then baru la I faham the situation that entry/exit visa tu valid for 3 months jer..so memang confirm la I nyer dah expired sebab I was on my maternity leave for 6 months...hmm...lagi satu masalah nyer everything that written in that damn visa is in arabic and I don't really understand arabic..sangat2 susah when pegi country yang needs you to have visa..nak pegi Europe lagi senang x payah visa 2 ni..last time mase I pegi France senang giler..xyah nak sebuk2 pegi embassy ape semua..At first memang I felt frustrated sebab dah half way through nak sampai Libya and then kene balik Malaysia balik..but when I look at the bright side I can meet my son and my husband again!!

I rase dah macam cerita "The Terminal" dah skang ni..That guy yang stuck kat airport sebab by the time die transit kat situ country die di bubarkan...so die buat airport macam umah die sebab he can't go out from there..so my situation right is moe less like him except the country part..Malaysia just baru tukar prime minister jer..

Sempat juge saye ber'blogging' after being stranded at Dubai Airport..Time ni baru lepas bertekak ngan airport staff..

At Dubai Airport

But I'm glad that I found one Malaysian guy in this unfortunate event and he also having the same problem..but in his case he's not going back to Malaysia...He'll go to Libya...sian kat die..His manager managed to get him visa upon arrival..Ape2 pon Allah memang nak tolong I sebab if I'm not met this guy I think I will be totally lost and don't know what to do..I want to thank him for helping me and calm me down..Thank you Nabil!!

Accidentally meet my Malaysian friend at Dubai Airport and we're having the same problem..

Memang rase macam dapat free vacation to Dubai for one day..and at this opportunity yang ade ni I will use it very wisely by treating myself with shopping!! Yelar dah pening2 and bertekak ngan airport staff yang buat I sakit jiwa..dah la dieorang ni not really good in speaking english..susah nak explain my situation to them..dah la rude giler..rase nak lempang jer sensorang..BTW, barang2 kat Dubai airport ni x semua nyer murah..but item like perfume mmg ade beza skit la kalo beli kat shopping mall in Malaysia..I mean murah sikit if I buy it here..

Hasil tangkapan saye di Dubai Airport.....

Armani Code stick deodorant for my hubby and DKNY Be Delicious twin pack...one for me and one for my mom..

Emir punyer..

Okayla, my flight will be in 5 hours..can't wait to meet my little prince!!


I'm missing Emir and my husband so badly...I wish they were here with me right now..Right now I'm alone at Dubai airport..bosan betul..and looking at babies pass by me made me feel like I want to go back to Malaysia right now!! I miss Emir.....=(

Thursday, April 2, 2009

it's time to back to work!!

Lame sungguh saye cuti!

Ermm..i think it's time to get back to work..selame 6 months I'm on my maternity leave a lot of things have happened..my grandmother passed away..I've got Emir Faiz..I've got a chance to eat a lot (does it count?! hehe)..macam-macam laa...panjang pulak nak cerite nanti..

Kalau dah cuti lame tu mesti la rase malas sgt2 nak berkeje..lagi2 bile dah ade Emir Faiz ni..I can't believe that I'm going to leave him..sedih!!..banyak sangat bende dah lupe and need to be revise..6 bulan tinggalkan keje...aishh..rase lain macam plak..it's like moving out to another world!!..mesti kekok giler nak pegang spanner, screw and all those things..

For those who don't have any idea where I'm going..I will be going to Libya..yes..I'm working there..As what my friend said, weather in Libya it's quite hot nowadays..abes la my skin..will come back tanned..errmm hopefully Emir will recognize me when I get back home..I'll be more regret if he doesn't recognize me when i came back next time..huhuhuhu...

Talking about work..I believe most people will question what type of work I'm involved in..basically my company is not oil company..my company offers services to oil company like Shell, Petronas, Petrobras, Total and the list goes on..Services like drilling, well completion, well testing and many more...okayla..enough about work..

Arrghhh..I haven't packed anything yet...malas sungguh!!

okay people..see ya in next entry..

With my colleagues

Inilah akibat kalo dah lame sangat duduk kat rig

Play with fire..
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