Tuesday, March 31, 2009

Happy Birthday!!

My dear lovely hubby,

Happy Birthday Sayang!!!

I love you so much

Hope you always be blessed by Allah and di murahkan rezeki..InsyaAllah

Monday, March 30, 2009

Love Letter

To my dear husband Luqman Hakeem,

It has been a year since we got married..How time flies..I feel like I just met you yesterday..
There's a lot of things we've been through together..I remember the very first time I saw you..You were wearing a blue shirt and you told me you just bought that shirt purposely for the occasion to meet me..I'm so honored when you said that..and I feel like I'm in love at the first sight..=)..You're the person who can make my heart beat like crazy...Alhamdulillah after 3 years meeting you, now I'm officially your wife and a mother to your kids..

I'm so blessed we've got Emir Faiz to celebrate our first anniversary this year. I hope our love will become more stronger and may Allah bless our love forever..InsyaAllah..Sayang, I love you so much..I hope our love will remain forever..

"Happy Anniversary Sayang!!"

During our wedding last year on 30th March 2008..

Saturday, March 28, 2009

Heavenly Chocolate!!

Past few days, my husband wanted to send his watch to service center located at Menara Pan Global. We decided to take monorail since we were out from home almost 4 o'clock in the evening. Well, as you know massive traffic jammed in Kuala Lumpur will swing your mood away. Before that my husband had made some browsing regarding the road that we should headed and which station should we stop because bring Emir Faiz with us is not that easy plus with the crowd of people. According to my husband, we should stop at station Bukit Nanas but when we arrived it seems that we need to walk quite very far to reach that place and the weather was quite hot. Kesian pulak kat Emir Faiz. We walk a little to Pavillion in spite of walking quite far to Menara Pan Global.

That was my first time going to Pavillion. My husband has been here before. I was quite excited and happy in the same time because maybe I could make some shopping. But regardless of buying my stuff, I ended up buying Emir Faiz some cloths..*sigh*..Actually shopping dekat Pavillion is quite expensive juge..Emir Faiz punye pon I beli yang sale jer..

See..Emir punyer semua ni..Ibu punyer takde pon..

After walking and window shopping, we had our tea break or should I called chocolate break instead?~~ at Theobroma Chocolate Lounge!! The heaven of chocolate!!

Originating from Australia, Theobrama Chocolate Lounge made its debut in Malaysia by opening its first outlet in 1 Utama, followed by another outlet in Pavilion KL. As its name suggested, its signature product is nothing else but chocolates.

Looking at the menu, it has a huge range of chocolate filled, chocolate made and with chocolate products for you to choose from, while you chill out with your friends. Of course, you have the chocolate fondue thingy too, served with four different types of fruits to go along with the thick chocolate. As for the drinks, its nothing but chocolate-related.

I had Princess of Iceland, basically blended chocolate with chocolate shavings and powders and also chocolate ice cream on top of it. The side of the glasses are “decorated” with thick chocolate as well. We also had the chocolate fondue serve with four type of fruits, kiwi, strawberry, banana and orange. Soooo chocolate!!

Princess of Iceland

My hubby had this but I forgot the name for this drink..Its mocha something2..but I like the way they present the drink to us..

Chocolate Fondue with Strawberry, Banana, Kiwi and Orange

If you wish to come to this place make sure you already take your lunch/dinner because your appetite for the day might just go down the drain after that. I felt really bloated and my tongue was kind of numb after I left the place.

Pussycat Dolls has been here before..

The place itself is really nice to sit down and talk some craps with your friends over a good cup of coffee or chocolate. Generally, it was still a pleasant experience in Theobroma Chocolate Lounge.

Thursday, March 26, 2009

Juicy Shrimp!!

Have you ever taste a very juicy shrimps?? Well, if you don't you can come to Bubba Gump Shrimp Co Restaurant & Market!!

Food is the hero at Bubba Gump Shrimp. They serve food that will make us wanna come again!! Their menu of course, features shrimp. But they also serve the best rib in town. So last few days me and my husband and of course with Emir went to Sunway Pyramid to buy some stuffs. We were always having a problem to select which restaurant each time we are at Sunway Pyramid. Not because it doesn't have Halal Food but because there's too many restaurant that offers good food!! While we're walking, I saw this very unique restaurant and I feel very tempting to step in. My husband said why not we have a try!!

The environment is so cozy and make you feel that you're not in shopping mall..We feel like we're near to the sea..seriously!! They have a very good services and all the waiters are very friendly..They have this some kind like sign board on the table which use for calling the waiter..if you decide to call the waiter you just need to flip the board which stated "Stop Forrest Stop" and when you've done with the waiter, the waiter will flip it back to "Run Forrest Run"..So we don't have to call the waiter which will may or may not distract other customers enjoying their food..You may have thought why they use the word "Forrest" here. Actually this restaurant is inspired by the 1994 Film Forrest Gump. Loads of Forrest Gump memorabilia is displayed on the walls, tables and everywhere else. On the table, you get a metal bucket with condiments and there's a ping pong bat with a menu. I found the ping pong bat amusing, since they attached a long chain to keep it from "walking away". =)

Talking about food, I had a Bucket of Boat Trash. It is served in quite a big portion which contains shrimps, lobster, fish fried and breaded and some home made chips and with lemon juicy dip. I chose Speckeled Strawberry for my drink..My hubby chose Bourbon Street Baramundi which is served with mashed potato (sangat sedap!!) and for drink he chose Jenny's Favorite. BTW, Baramundi is a type of fish...not to mention that the shrimps is so tasty!!

The Ping Pong Menu

Speckeled Strawberry

Bucket of Boat Trash..Full of shrimps and lobster..yummy!!

Bourbon Street Baramundi and Jenny's Favorite

Emir pon nak makan jugak..I'm breastfeeding Emir..

Emir and Ayah

Emir and Ibu..nak jugak tangkap gambar ngan Emir..

I would highly recommend you guys to come to Bubba Gump Shrimp..It has another branch located at The Curve..Lets Bubba Gump!!

Thursday, March 19, 2009


I just came back from Kedah..So many things to update..Tengah plan which one nak type dulu..wait yaa..

Thursday, March 12, 2009


This entry I dedicated special for my two cousins who took SPM last year.

To Amal and Khairul,

I wanna congratulate to both of you for your excellent result!!
I'm really proud of you guys!!

But I wanna remind you that your journey ain't stop here. There's a lot of things you guys will face in the future onwards. So be prepared!!

Some more tips from me,

  • choose a right course in university.
  • don't play too much in university, You don't need a really excellent result to get a good job. That is not the only option employer will look on you but it doesn't mean that you don't have to study!! Communication and confident is crucial!! Learn how to communicate and deal with people while you are in University.
  • don't afraid to try something new.

Good Luck for both of you guys!!

Wednesday, March 11, 2009

Jalan-jalan cari 'Nasi Ayam'

Last night we received an invitation from my hubby's aunt for dinner. Aunty Mar came to KL for a conference and she wanted to see her 'cucu' for the very first time. Aunty Mar lives in Kota Kinabalu together with my hubby's grandmother. So we had our dinner at Nasi Ayam Hainan located at Bukit Bintang.

Aunty Mar (on the right) with her cucu Emir and uncle Hambal

At first we decided to take a monorail to go to Bukit Bintang to avoid a massive traffic over there. But since it was raining last night and we don't want to walk in the crowd with Emir together with us then we finally drove to get there. Lucky us the traffic was okay and we managed to reach there on time.

Me, Aunty Has and my cousin..Emir being a good boy..He was sleeping from the beginning until we about to go back..

It was my first time eating at this restaurant. My hubby has came here before and he said this restaurant offers the best Nasi Ayam in town. Yes, after eating it I can give 5 stars to Nasi Ayam Hainan..sangat sedap!! I couldn't manage to snap Nasi ayam's picture because the nasi ayam is so tempting sampaikan I tak sempat nak amek gambar yer..and Barlee Lime kat sini pon tip top!! We also ordered Sotong Sambal and Oyster baby Kailan..yum..yum...sedap!!My BIL had Hainan Fried Rice that also delicious...Next time we can come again!!

Group picture..Next time we come to KK pulak!!

Saturday, March 7, 2009

American Idol is back!!

Oh-my-Oh..my favorite reality TV show is back!! I can't wait to watch the wild card concert tonight!! I really hope Anoop can get in top 12!! I really like his voice..Am so glad that Scott Macintyre has got through the top 12 last night..pheww!! I really like to hear his voice..remind me of Ronan Keating. It would be much more nicer when he's singing while playing his keyboard!!

Oohh..I like Danny Gokey too!! His voice is superb!!

How I wish that Malaysia's reality show will be like American Idol...yang kene singkir pon suare sedap giler..Malaysia punye reality show ni byk drama jer..menyanyi ntah ke mane..sedih giler tgk Malaysia punyer reality show kan...


Actually kat US dah show this concert..In fact they already knew who are chosen to be in top 12..no No no..this time top 13!! Yes..the American Idol 2009 will be having 13 finalist!!

Anoop is joining the top 13!! me likey!!

Friday, March 6, 2009

Breast Feeding vs. Bottle Feeding

Ever since I was pregnant I already set my mind that I'm going to breastfeed my son as long as possible..well it's good enough if I could breastfeed him until he reaches 2 years old..but with my case that I'm working thousand miles from my son makes me feel down and sad when I think a bout it..yeaa I know I still can pump and store 'em for 6 weeks times but you know that babies can know his/her mother smell..how can I say it..it's like every individual has our own unique smell..I guess it's body odor..am I right?!

So last time during antenatal class I asked a question to the speaker which happen to be my O&G doctor..She said I still can continuously breastfeed my baby even thou I'm away from my baby for a long time..I don't really need to stop breastfeeding my son..how?! What I need to do is when I'm away I still need to stimulate my breast so that my breast can still produce milk by the time I meet my baby back..When I'm away my baby can still drink my breast milk but with a bottle (errmm..I need to train Emir from now!)..but she said this thing really needs patience to make it happen..I hope that my baby will be okay with this..sian anak ibu..

Here I want to share with all new mothers what I found something interesting from the internet while I was googled about breastfeeding..(taken from here)

To breastfeed your baby or not. Most women probably have very definitive views on the merits and benefits of breast feeding a baby vs bottle feeding, and many women will likely have been influenced by what they have seen and read, by their culture and undoubtedly by their family and friends. The breast feeding vs bottle feeding debate is a very emotive topic with advocates on both sides of the fence vehemently defending their positions. One thing is clear however and that is that, in the majority of cases, health professionals the world over would recommend breast feeding over formula feeding where ever possible.

Of course, not all women will be able to breast feed their baby, and so the decision will have been made already for them, and some women may find that although they started out breast feeding their baby, they are unable to continue to do so for any number of reasons (chronic discomfort, lack of milk etc.).

At the end of the day, despite the protestations from either side of the fence, there is no right way or wrong way when it comes to the breast feeding vs bottle feeding debate as both have their advantages and disadvantages, some of which we’ll explore now:

Advantages of breast feeding:

• Undoubtedly mankind has found it difficult, if not impossible, to improve on Mother Nature in many facets of our lives, and breast milk is no different. A mother’s breast milk therefore has all the nutrients, vitamins, and, probably most importantly, the anti-infection antibodies that the newborn baby requires to get a good start in life.

• Breast fed babies have fewer infections and illnesses according to a whole host of studies that have been published. This is not to say of course that all breast fed babies are healthy, and that all formula fed babies are at an obvious disadvantage, but, taken as a group, breast fed babies tend to suffer from fewer medical problems than their formula-fed counterparts.

• There is also an acknowledged closer bond between the baby and the mother when breast feeding. The warmth of the mother’s breast coupled with the skin to skin contact helps to provide a comfortable and safe environment for the child that is simply impossible to replicate with a bottle.

• There are a number of studies that suggest that breast feeding is beneficial for the mother in the areas of weight control and even as a cancer preventative.

• While formula milk certainly provides the infant with a good range of necessary vitamins and other nutrients that are needed for the infant’s development, a mother’s breast milk simply has everything that the child needs in one convenient package.

• Mother’s milk is more easily digested by the infant than formula milk. Remember that a baby’s digestive system is still somewhat immature, so it is much easier for the baby to break down and absorb the minerals and nutrients contained in mother’s milk over formula milk. Because breast milk is easier to digest, your baby will suffer less from constipation and diarrhoea.

• Mother’s breast milk reflects what the mother eats, and the taste of breast milk is often affected by the types of foods that the mother has recently eaten. This provides the baby with subtle differences in the taste of the breast milk and, as they say, variety is the spice of life.

• Breast feeding is free and the milk comes in a convenient, easy to carry, container! While saving money should not in any way solely influence your decision to breast feed or not, there’s no escaping the fact that breast feeding can save parents significant amounts of money over the first few months of a baby’s life, and is infinitely more convenient. Breast feeding is also much more convenient insofar as there is no need to clean bottles, warm the milk or any of the other activities associated with bottle feeding and there is very little danger of the food running out.

Disadvantages of breast feeding:

• Not all mothers feel comfortable with the concept of breast feeding from the start. Many mothers need time to grow into the role and to master the techniques for comfortable breast feeding. As a side note, there is nothing wrong with this, and it is important that mothers who aren’t comfortable breast feeding take their time and go at their own pace. Bottle feeding will provide a good alternative until the mother is ready to breast feed.

• Undoubtedly breast feeding is more demanding physically for the mother than bottle feeding. Factor in to this that the baby may require feeding every two or three hours and for some women the physical effort can take a toll on their own well-being.

• Pain. Small babies have an astonishing ability to suck with great force which can take many mothers by surprise. This can lead to sore breasts (in some cases bleeding) and a great deal of discomfort for the mother.

• Because breast milk is easier to digest for the baby, it is often the case that the baby will want (or need) to eat more frequently than if they were bottle fed. In turn this can lead to more diaper

• Self-consciousness. While some mothers have absolutely no problem with breast feeding in public, or semi-public, places others are not so comfortable with the idea. The decision to breast feed will often mean that both mother and baby will have to ‘dine out’ in some less-than-ideal locations and it might take a while for some women to overcome any embarrassment or self-consciousness.

• Lifestyle. For many women, getting pregnant in the first place meant a change of lifestyle and the imposition of restrictions (limited tea or coffee, no smoking, no alcohol etc.). If you decide to breast feed then these restrictions should remain in place as long as the baby is breast fed.

Wednesday, March 4, 2009

Malang tak berbau..

..if malang tu berbau I wonder how does it smells..hehehe...ok2 back to the topic..hmm..today around 3 p.m. I've got a call from my husband..yeaa I know it's normal that husband call his wife but this time it is not like usual..from the other line I can feel that something goes wrong..My husband has been ROBBED!! OMG!!

It happened when my husband and his boss went to HKL for a meeting. Then when they finished their meeting they decided to go for lunch at nearby stall. They load all their stuffs in the car including my husband's laptop and some other stuffs. When they came back from lunch my husband found out that our car's window was broken and his laptop bag was not in our car anymore!! Thank God that my iPod is still in the car! D*a*M*N that F***er who stole my husband laptop. Not that laptop that my husband really care about to lose but the client information and some other valuable info inside it that matters. Plus we need to replace a new window..duit lagi tu!!

My husband said he asked pakcik guard who supposed to guard the area but you guys know what he said "alaa dik..semalam pon ade orang kene pecah kete jugak." ..like hellooo pakcik ape gune ko jadi pak guard kat situ kan..That means the area is not safe anymore plus what is the function of having a 'pak guard' if this still happen?! ~~ Useless kan?!!

Sian kat my husband..he still feels sad from what had happened to him..yang die sedih tu beg laptop tu he bought it from France..bukan la mahal pon but the sentimental value that matter to him..lucky him that thing happened after his meeting with the client because there's something he has to show to the client during their meeting..takpe la sayang ask your boss to give you a brand new laptop..beg tu nanti orang pegi France lagi insyaAllah orang belikan eh.if not from France pon anything from me will bring sentimental value for you kan..hee...=)

P/S : Now a days kene always be aware with our surrounding..Pencuri sekarang dah x de perasaan..kalau lawan die bunuh jer..Be careful!!

New look ('o')

This is what you will do when you cannot sleep in the middle of the night plus you have a baby with you..THAT's what I did!! Saye telah menukar rupe blog saye!!

This time my blog looks more simpler but with more application..So people what do you think?!!



Monday, March 2, 2009


..I remembered when I was a kid there was a time when I saw something like grasshopper..but my mom said it was not grasshopper but it is mentadak..klakar sungguh name serangge itu..and my mom also said when can ask mentadak ni macam mane position kite tidur..mase kecik2 dulu sangat percaye dengan bende2 dongeng macam ni tau..maybe that is a way my mom nak bagi saye leka main kot...and there is like a voodoo spell when we want to ask mentadak ni.."mentadak-mentadu macam mane aku tido"..something like that..=)

So I will not teach Emir bende2 mengarut ni..sbb x nak die percaye sangat dengan bende2 ni..orang kate "zaman dah berubah,dunia dah maju"...but...Emir has his favorite position when he is sleeping...He will sleep dengan nyenyak and x terkejut2 when I put him in this position..just I takut position ni akan buat die sakit pinggang in the future jer..what do you think?!

Siap senyum lagi mase tido..

Emir's day out!!

Yeay!! Finally Emir can go out and take some fresh air after 44 days been in the house..Actually I x tunggu pon sampai 44 days!! teehee...Of course I'll be more excited than Emir when it comes to this!! Yelar cube bayangkan duduk kat umah x boleh kuar for 44 days..x payah tunggu 44 days pon seminggu x kuar umah pon dah boleh jadi giler duk kat umah jer..hehehe..

So we went to Subang Parade..the actual plan is to go to Giant to buy some groceries for the house..After almost a month ++ at mom's semua barang kat umah dah abes..We had lunch at Kenny Rogers..Mmm sedap sungguh ayam pakcik Kenny ni!! but I've ordered Tangy chicken spaghetti instead..sbb ayam tu boleh rase my hubby punyer..teehee..my little sisters also join us..Abes makan kiteorang pusing2 window shopping..sempat jugak la membeli mase ronde2 tu!! dah lame x shopping la katekan..hehe..

Hasil tangkapan saye for this time..*Shoe from Crocs, Baby Carrier from Anakku, Nursing Wrap from Toy r Us..

At last I bought a pair of shoe from Crocs!!..dah lame I admire kasut2 kat crocs ni *Note:this is Crocs's latest design..'cute'kann...

Nursing Wrap..sangat bergune untuk kaki jalan macam saye ni!! Senang nak cover badan time breastfeed Emir kat Public..Emir dah la kuat minum susu..so even thou I gave him breast milk yang dah pump die still x puas lagi..*Note: I like the corak kat nursing wrap ni..

While I was breastfeeding Emir..see I terpakse cover Emir pakai kain..next time I dah boleh pakai nursing wrap tu..=)

Then lepas dah penat berjalan2..we headed to Giant Kinrara nak beli groceries..That was my first time pegi Giant Kinrara..selalu pegi Giant kat Puchong jer..kiteorang pegi sane sbb nak antar my sister..Kebetulan my parent visit my uncle kat Bukit Kinrara so kiteorang pon ke sane and boleh drop my sister sekali plus my uncle belum tgk his cucu sedare lagi..

We all lepak dekat my uncle house sekejap jer sbb dah nak dekat maghrib..x elok plak bawak baby jalan malam2 kan..then after dah makan2 kiteorang pon balik umah...

Hubby saye tetibe buat muke serius...mase ni die tgh burp kan Emir..benci tgk double chin saye itu..ishh memang kene diet ni!!
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