Monday, July 26, 2010

Offshore AGAIN!

Hi guys!

This is really a quick update...In the next half an hour I will be going to the airport to go to offshore AGAIN! This time tak tau berapa lama I will be there..maybe 1 months or so..I am not really sure depending on the job..It may changed accordingly...We will see..

Anyways, Alhamdulillah I dah berjaya membayar hutang puasa last year last Saturday..Dah nak dekat puasa baru terhengeh2 nak ganti kan..hehe...Kalau I balik Malaysia macam susah nak ganti sebab setiap hari pon ada jer program or plan nak makan sedap2..You all dah ganti ker?? Tak ganti tak leh Raya tau!

InsyaAllah on the first day of Ramadhan I will be on the rig..Puasa kat sana..Hopefully it will be a smooth sailing for me..

Okay, I nak wish you all in advance, Selamat menyambut Ramadhan Al-mubarak (I know Ramadhan is in the next 2 weeks tapi I will not be able to update my blog over there)..Moga segala amalan kita di bulan puasa diberkati oleh Allah...

I love you all..See you when I step back on the ground!

Friday, July 23, 2010

Don't pour your coffee in your real lens!

If you're a hardcore shutterbug, this hot item is one of the accessories that you must have! Especially if you are Canon die-hard-fan!

I know! I'm a bit late to know about this, huh? Maybe some of you have already owned one..Good for you!

What you see in this picture is just a Canon 70-200mm and Canon 24-105mm lenses, isn't it?









Look closely you might spot some differences...


















* are wrong! It is actually a Canon Lense 70-200mm Thermos Travel Mug!! Yes you heard me is a MUG!!! How cool it is!

Cool eh?

Other than that, Canon also came up with Canon 24-105mm Lens 1:1 Scale Mug Coffee Cup..Wahh nama coffee cup pon dah panjang..penat nak sebut..

Canon 24-105mm Lens 1:1 Scale Mug Coffee Cup..

See the comparison between the real lens and the coffee cup..They really look nearly identical..You can barely noticed the difference if you look on the side view..

They were actually created by Canon Canada solely as a giveaway to photographers at Winter Olympics in Vancouver. Sure enough, since demand creates supply,Canon pon commercialized kan two items ni..

Some of you might have doubt about the plastic material they used..We are not recommended to use plastic container to heat the food or using the plastic cup for any hot drinks..The Canon Lense 70-200mm Thermos Travel Mug is made from Stainless Steel Thermos Interior & Exterior Food Safe and the Canon 24-105mm Lens 1:1 Scale Mug Coffee Cup is manufactured from polycarbonate, which is an FDA approved edible grade used to make baby bottles as well, so no worries on that part.

You can even use it as a stationary container or a fancy paper weight. Wooweee! I want..I want!

How about the price?? Well, they are quite pricey (+/- $30-$50 each~around RM 90-RM150 mahalkan??), but could be quite fun for someone addicted to both coffee and photography.

Nice foods came from skillful cook or a stunning kitchen??

My hubby posted a good news on my FB wall today..I was or actually still am happy and can't wait to see it by myself...Dah lama berangan nak ada sendiri punya tapi sebab currently we are renting a house so memang tak boleh nak buat apa²..

In my previous posts I've never mentioned anything about my house kan...and sekarang pon dah in the process nak move to our own house (finally..Alhamdulillah)..just tunggu minor renovation siap and baru la nak angkut semua barang²..Well, I will update you guys later about that..

Where was I?? Ooohh pasal good news tu..Today I was so busy working outside in the yard..This morning lepas setup my laptop on the table, went to morning meeting than terus kerja dekat luar..lunch hour pon sempat duduk depan laptop check email jer..Memang busy sebab I busy prepare equipments to be send to Cameroon..Okay enough about work..So, yes memang tak bukak FB sampai la sampai kat rumah..Then bila dah sampai rumah I check my FB wall and hati terus berbunga²..

Syg,your hood,hob,oven n microwave from pacifica dah sampai!!

Huhu..=)...Finally I will have my own dream kitchen..Contractor will install the kitchen cabinet next week together with the hood, hob, oven and microwave..Tak sabar sangat nak tengok the outcomes..Last trip I was in Malaysia, we discussed pasal design and material for countertop and color selection..My hubby put 100% trust on me to choose the kitchen cabinets' design..sebabnya I pon yang akan utilize the kitchen most of the time..okay not really all the time sebab I selalu takde kat rumah but if I was at home I would definitely fully utilized the kitchen area (even I tak la masak selalu...hehehehe)..

The kitchen cabinets' design I tak nak reveal sekarang..sebab I nak tengok the end result dulu..Nervous pulak I rasa..tiba² jer kan nak nervous..I takut apa yang di harapkan tak jadi or mana la tau contractor tu tak buat betul² then jadi buruk..lagi² we spend fortune just for kitchen cabinets and of course we're hoping it will look like what we've been expecting it should be..and I'm so glad my hubby promise me that he will frequently monitor them to make sure the contractor buat kerja elok² and bukan main asbol (asal boleh) jer..

So bila dah ada kitchen cabinets baru ni haruslah rajin masak..bukan lah tak pernah masak before tapi kena lebih merajinkan diri lagi untuk masak..Ngade² kan..nak ada kitchen cantik baru kau nak rajin masak eh...Kalau mama I baca ni mesti dia gelak guling² sambil berkata 'Mama dulu dapur kecik jer tapi boleh jer nak masak tetiap ari..sedap jugak..' Yer..saya memang akui saya tak reti masak sangat..But for me la kan, my mood nak masak will differ depending on my kitchen condition..For instance kalau I tengok my kitchen bersih and kemas, semangat nak masak tu macam bertambah², tapi kalau tengok dapur kotor and bersepah² mesti rasa malas jer nak start masak....boleh gitu?? Ada jer reason padahal memang malas masak..Ntah apa² la kan..

Boleh try recipe² baru especially nak try bake cake and cookies yang selama ni hanya drooling² kat blog orang tapi lepas ni boleh buat sendiri sebab dah ada oven in my kitchen..

Jom kita feeling² nak ada kitchen macam ni......

Sangat cantik..counter top adalah stainless steel..

Suka sangat dengan kitchen ni..teringat cerita korea 'my little bride'..comel jer..

Smart jugak kitchen macam ni..Save space and very practical..

Teringin nak buat island kat dalam kitchen sendiri..tapi yang takde island tu pon harga dah hmmmphh malas nak kan pulak ada island mau aku puasa setahun agak nya sebab nak save duit buat island..okay I'm exaggerating..tapi memang out of our budget la..

Ni pon smart jugak..tapi tak berapa practical sangat....

This one is simple and sangat sesuai for those yang ada space dapur yang limited..modern design and color putih menampakkan dapur anda suci and bersih..

How about you guys?? How do you guys want your kitchen looks alike? The color?

The solution to make your kitchen cabinet looks more organize

I like my kitchen to be clean, neat and tidy..the last thing before I leave my kitchen is just to make sure I don't have any dishes in the sink and my counter top is clear..

I also like to organize all the plate according to size..Macam bowl dengan bowl jer and plate with plate jer..but sometimes ada orang tu suka mix² kan koleksi pinggan mangkuk saya *ehem*..and I also have a little chef in the kitchen yang sangat rajin tolong ibu mengemas di dapur...

While I was browsing one of my favorite Amanda blog, I found this kitchen cabinet organizer..It's indeed a good invention to help you to organize your kitchen cabinet..Definitely a must-have-item in your kitchen cabinet..Lepas ni dah tak payah nak keluar semua periuk belanga and mangkuk besar² tu kalau nak ambik muffin pan yang terletak nun jauh di belakang sana..hehehe

{Pictures taken from her blog}

Nampak macam tempat letak pinggan biasa kan..but I guess this organizer looks more stable sebab boleh letak frying pan yang besar2 macam dalam picture tu..I don't know if there's any shop sell this organizer and according to her, she bought it in Walmart...Maybe I could substitued with something similar like this kan...kalau sesiapa ada ternampak organizer macam ni jangan segan silu inform I yer..

Thursday, July 22, 2010

Birthday Celebration

Ohh no no...It's not my birthday!

Yesterday I'd got invited to 'makan-makan' session in the base in conjunction to celebrate one of my colleague birthday that happened to be on the same day as my son turning 19 months old..

With Birthday girl yang tak berapa nak remaja sangat lagi..

The party was held in the base sebab location manager nak save duit...lagi pon expat tak boleh nak keluar celebrate kat hotel or restaurant...tu pon kira okay sebab dia baik hati nak sponsor birthday cake..statement berani mati..berani tulis sebab for sure dia tak kan baca my blog boleh kutuk secara terang²an..

THE birthday cake..luaran memang nampak tak begitu menyelerakan dengan tulisan yang senget benget tapi sumpah sedap cake la contoh terbaik proverb don't judge a book by its cover..

It was fun indeed..We sang a birthday song for her, the Nigerian guys sang an ethnic song while she's cutting the cake and she gave her sepatah dua kata siap sang a song to us, our managers pon joined sekali..memang seronok..Final agenda of course la group picture!

I nampak macam dwarf dalam picture ni..


Tuesday, July 20, 2010

Becoming 19 months and still growing up!

Today marked 19 months after I safely delivered Emir into this world..How time flies so quickly and yet I can't believe my son turned 19 months today...or I would say Emir is now became 1 year 7 month old..In the next 5 months Emir will be officially turned 2 years...Cepat nyer Emir besar..

I am so thankful to Allah that Emir's growing up healthy..But there's small tiny feeling inside me macam nak Emir jadi baby jer jangan besar²..I know! It's crazy kan..But I rasa belum puas tengok Emir as a baby...I rasa belum puas nak breastfeed Emir..I rasa belum puas tengok Emir crawling..macam² la I rasa..Maybe sebab I tak tengok Emir membesar tiap² hari...memang I rasa sedih..Mak mana yang sanggup berjauhan dengan anak dia...Even thou I jauh from Emir, tak pernah sesaat pon I lupakan dia..tak pernah sesaat pon perasaan rindu dekat Emir hilang dalam hati I ni..and I just want him to know apa yang I sacrifice now is for his future..I promise him this condition will not be forever..I just need to be patient and pray that very soon me, my son and my husband will unite and live as a normal family..InsyaAllah..

Speaking about Emir, macam² dah dia pandai buat sekarang..New milestones so far,
  • Emir dah pandai kick the ball..I mean kick the ball macam orang dah pandai main bola sepak..Pantang nampak ball mesti excited and nak kick the ball.
  • Emir knows how to brush his teeth by himself, even most of the time I know he just like to taste the tooth paste..
  • Emir dah boleh makan sendiri..Kalau dekat restaurant we all makan pakai fork and spoon, dia pon nak jugak makan pakai fork and spoon..but most of the time kalau dia suap sendiri mesti banyak yang tumpah than yang masuk mulut..
  • Gigi pon dah banyak..dah tak berapa suka gigit ayah and ibu..kalau dulu asyik nak gigit jer..
  • Pantang nampak playground mesti terus excited..and kalau we all bawak dia main kat playground sure menangis tak nak balik...
  • His weight is now 11.3 kg as what shows on the weight scale early this month..His weight tak banyak sangat naik since he was 12 months..Naik pon 200-300 gram jer...I rasa tak sedap ati jugak at first sebab tengok Emir makan adalah agak banyak jugak tapi berat naik sikit..mungkin dia active sekarang ni..panjat sini sana and berjalan pon agak boleh tahan laju so I think I know where the foods he eat goes..
  • Emir dah pandai merajuk! If I tak bagi something he wanted, dia akan run away and cry..bila I panggil pon dia tak nak pandang sampai la I bagi apa yang dia nak..Aigoo..pening kepala Ibu lepas ni..
Cuba teka Emir tengah intai apa tu?

Dear Emir my love,
Ibu love you so much! Be a good boy!

Friday, July 16, 2010

Living in the middle of the sea

After 2 weeks surrounded by the sea, I am now back stepping on the ground..

Ada so many things yang I nak kena catch up..While I am now getting the internet connection better I siapkan kerja² yang tergendala sebab I was internet-less for 2 weeks kan..lama tu bagi pengguna internet yang tegar macam I..Especially when I was away from my loves one..mesti nak kena tengok my husband face and paling penting hero tercinta I, my beloved son...and it also includes meng-update blog kesayangan ni..

My last 2 weeks offshore experience was so amazing..First time pergi offshore la katakan..everything that I saw over there seems like new to me..I was a bit jakun for the first few days..Surprisingly I was the only girl on the drillship..You can imagine all eyes were on me..They looked at me as if they were looking at miss world an alien from Mars landed on the ship..Kelakar betul...

There's one incident happened before I was boarding..Takde la apa sangat pon but I swear after this I will never let it happens again...A day before hari kejadian my manager dah confirm dengan I yang I will be going to offshore on the next day..I pon dah siap² bagitau security yang I nak kena pergi airport awal² pagi esoknya..On the way to the airport, the security guy tanya I, I berlepas at which airport? Instead of answering his question, I pulak tanya soalan dekat dia..Don't we only have one airport in Port Harcourt?..Sebab tak pernah pergi offshore so memang sumpah I tak tau la rupanya ada airport lagi satu yang khas untuk chopper jer..Duhhh..Pastu dah la sampai² airport dengan confident pergi dekat check-in counter then the guy at counter told me that my name is not in the list...Being me, even I tried to be relax, still ada jugak rasa takut and risau tu..I pon terus call my manager and explained the situation to him..My manager tried to make me calm by saying he would try his best to put me on the chopper (helicopter) that morning..Agaknya dia tau I risau and takut kot..Apa tak risaunya dahla sorang2 pastu mamat Nigeria yang ada kat keliling duk pandang semacam jer dekat I..seram uuuuu!! I text my husband and dia pesan duduk kat tempat yang ramai orang..Finally I managed to get a seat on that chopper..phewww!!

First time naik chopper, what did I feel about it?? To be honest, I felt scared! Macam-macam I pikir before naik chopper..selamat ker? Dahla that morning hujan..lagi la I risau..before naik chopper, me and few guys yang lain masuk one room for briefing...Revise balik teknik² nak selamat kan diri kalau ade emergency landing..I dah belajar masa I ambik offshore survival kat Malta dulu..but bagus jugak ada briefing session tu sebab ada few things yang I dah lupa..hikhikhik

So sampai² jer dekat rig ada briefing lagi..berapa banyak briefing daaa...first briefing jumpa dengan captain drillship..then second briefing barulah masuk bab² safety, all the don'ts and do's thing to do on the rig..Time I sampai tu dah masuk lunch hour so after I'd done with the second briefing I pon terus ler ke dining hall..Perghh dining hall die memang best la..Antara dining hall on the rig yang paling best I jumpa..The foods was not that bad..I just need to be careful jer sebab they served pork too..Awal² I dah inform dekat camp boss (macam manager for the accomodation) yang I Muslim and tak makan baa aliff baa yaa..Bab² alcohol memang I tak risau sebab any medium of alcohol is not permitted on the drillship..

Lepas lunch I pon masuk bilik yang dah di assign for me..yang tak best nya kena share bilik dengan my colleague...since I am the only beautiful lady on board haruslah my roommate itu berlainan gender...At first rasa sangat tak selesa but I was so glad he was on the different memang tak pernah jumpa kat dalam bilik..berselisih pon dekat working area sahaja! lega I!

Basically this is how my room looks like..macam bilik kat hostel gitu..tapi tilam itu sangat comfy..I tido rasa macam malas nak bangun..comforter is provided..sebelum² ni memang I bawak selimut sendiri..Everyday ada cleaner datang to clean the room and every week they will change the bed sheet..Kat dalam bilik ada TV siap..tapi sayang takde E! channel..hari² I layan CNN..

Each person on board on the rig will be assigned a specific muster point for any unlikely event we all semua kena gather kat assigned muster point..yang macam ala² boat kat dalam gambar tu lebih kurang macam boat penyelamat la kiranya..Each boat boleh occupy dalam 10-12 persons and each of us kena tau boat yang mana satu di assign for us..

THE Anchor

Every 2 weeks there will be a BBQ organized by the company..I had a chance to attend BBQ last weekend..memang happening!

My favorite spot during coffee break..layan habis minum hot chocolate kat sini..=)

Sepanjang 2 weeks I was there, I dah 2 kali nampak dolphin..First time nampak dolphin jumping here and there, I was so amazed..Macam nampak kat dalam TV..the second time the dolphin came closer to the drillship..Subhanallah memang sangat cantik...Other than that I nampak jellyfish, so many kind of fishes yang kadang² get close to the surface..kalau boleh fishing kat situ memang husband kalau nampak ikan2 besar ni dia sure suka..

My work station...My inspiration...

Me with Nathan and Okere..teman bergelak ketawa sepanjang I kat sana..Okere sangat la funny orang nya..kalau jumpa sure I gelak jer...

I have learned a lot from there..I made a lot of new friends kat sana....Oooh lupa nak cerita.I met one Malaysian kat sini..Malaysia Indian guy..Dia yang tegur I dulu..I was so happy dapat jumpa dengan least ada kawan yang boleh converse in Malay..I memang excited kalau dapat jumpa orang Malaysia especially dekat tempat² yang macam ni lagi la I appreciate sangat kalau dapat jumpa Malaysian..I am proud to be Malaysian!

Begitulah serba sedikit experience I masa kat atas rig 2 weeks ago..Kalau ikutkan I have to stay there longer tapi atas sebab tertentu my manager terpaksa panggil we all balik dulu..since our preparation pon dah 99% complete...Nanti I kena pergi balik ke rig ni for operation pulak..last 2 weeks I pergi just for preparation jer..Next time it will be more easier for since I dah tau banyak pasal drillship ni..It was such a remarkable experience for me...

Monday, July 5, 2010

Berenang-renang ke tengah lautan

Okay tipu. I dah la tak pandai berenang so macam mana nak berenang-renang ke tengah lautan..

Actually, tomorrow I will be going to offshore rig. Believe it or not, since I started working until now I have never been to offshore rig. The rest of the job that previously I did are on land meaning the rig is on the land (sahara/desert). I couldn't imagine myself being on the rig located in the middle of the sea which has limited spaces and what make me even worry is that the rig is on the drillship (Imagine cruise ship and ada rig on it). Kalau laut agak wavy sure drillship tu bergerak2 kan..I dah la jenis mabuk laut.. So memang agak nervous di situ..

Basically begini lah rupa drillship yang I akan pegi besok..Memang looks like a cruise kan??

I can't stop myself thinking about what should I do if something bad happening on the rig (doa² nothing happen)?? Kalau land rig boleh la nak lari mana² tengah² laut ..takkan nak terjun dalam laut kot..Aigooooo...

My manager pulak keep asking me.."Are you ready to go to offshore?" Nak jer I jawab "Hell no..I prefer to work on land" boleh gitu?? Tapi of course la I tak jawab camtu kan..I reply dengan penuh confident nyer "Oh yaa I can't wait..such a new experience for me!"...hakikat sebenar nyer dalam hati I ni Tuhan jer la yang tau..

I am not sure I will be provided with internet connection ker tak..supposedly ada la kot..but I won't put any hope on that sebab nanti kalau takde nanti I akan kecewa sampai tak nak makan nanti. Okay tak kan la tak nak makan tapi mungkin kurang selera makan..So I just assumed myself will be internet-less kat sana nanti..Dah pesan kat my husband awal² yang I akan ber'internet-less' sebab nanti dia risau pulak kenapa wife dia senyap jer selama beberapa minggu..risau dia ingat I dah jatuh cinta dengan mamat Nigeria and lupa kat dia which will not happen at all..I love u more baby!

Kalau dapat permission I boleh lah snap few pictures dekat situ untuk tatapan anda² semua..Doakan saya selamat pergi dan pulang yerkk...See you later once I step back on the ground..hehehe

Sunday, July 4, 2010 am not pregnant

I am really craving for this am not pregnant...Kenapa kalau kita mengidam mesti orang nak relate dengan pregnancy...Orang yang tak pregnant tak boleh mengidam ker??

My Tako...sedap nya kau! Lebih bertambah menyelerakan kalau ada fish flake yang banyak..

Masa mula² my sister introduced this food to me, I was a bit reluctant to try sebab kalau tengok secara luaran memang nampak kurang menyelerakan..tapi my sister insisted me to try it..she said 'there's no harm for you to try..just one bite and believe me you will like it..'..She's right the moment I put this food into my mouth..I terus jatuh cinta dengan makanan ni..=P..I tak tau la kalau this food ada jual anywhere else sebab I tau dekat Jusco supermarket sure ada..I've never failed buying it kalau singgah ke Jusco..It's available in 3 choices of stuffing Cheese ham, octopus and favorite is Octopus (Kecuq ayaq liuq I while typing this entry ni..)...

Lagi 7 weeks baru boleh makan makanan ni...lama nya nak kena tunggu....=(..

pi es: Kaklong ko tolong ship makanan ni to Nigeria boleh?

Saturday, July 3, 2010

Black is beautiful

The first day I arrived in Port Harcourt last Saturday, I've got invited to a fashion show event held in the camp which I'm staying..When my colleague told me there will be a fashion show in my camp, I asked her again if she just said a fashion show and she said YES..a fashion show?? in the camp?? small voice in me was wandering..takkan la Coco Chanel or Christian Dior nak buat fashion show kat sini pulak kan..memang tak logic la tu..So, there was me, still wandering and yet excited to see the "Fashion Show"...

Lepas I siap² solat maghrib, my housemate and I pon pergi la ke tempat kejadian..The event was happened in the open area next to the swimming located in the camp..When I arrived the event already started...So, as what I expected the fashion show tu biasa² jer..tak la grand mana pon but enough to entertain us yang memang definitely tak boleh keluar from the for me I tak la amused sangat dengan fashion show tu but I did enjoy myself sebab dapat jumpa my fellow colleague after 4 weeks on days off..dapat la catch up latest activities that were evolved while I was away..
Seriously, who dare to wear a dress like this?

Men population compared to women in our camp is a big different..women is a minority and to be exact we have only 6 expat female employees in the camp...and I am not really sure the exact number of peoples who are living the camp but I can surely tell you that almost 94% of them are guy..So you can imagine how happy they are to attend this so called "fashion show" event..I can see that they were really feast themselves especially their eyes with the model..guy is always be a guy kan..

The fashion show was held by a student in one of institution in Port Harcourt for fund raising..I have been told that they designed all clothes by themselves and they become the model too!! Most of them memang ber'getah' lagi la and they are really beautiful in their own way...After the fashion show ended, they came to us to promote the cloth in the hope that we will buy them..Sorry la dik akak ni badan dah banyak spare tayar so memang takleh la nak bergaya dengan baju² tu..lagipon most of the cloth are too sexy for me to wear..menangis abang² Nigeria kat sini bila tengok I pakai nanti..=p

Lepas fashion show tu habis mamat-mamat kat sini pon bukak dance floor dekat situ pastu ajak budak² student ni menari sekali..I tengok jer la..tak reti sangat nak belly dancing menari² ni..terpeleot pinggang akak nanti...sekali sekala untuk tatapan suami tercinta ade la..oppss *censored*

Kemain ligat orang tua ni menari....

I was adjourned from the event quite early sebab sangat letih after a long trip from Lagos to Port Harcourt..So balik rumah mandi² then zzzZZZZZzzzzzzzzzz......

Friday, July 2, 2010

braziL with the Capital L

World cup this year turned out with full of surprises!! it wil be more as World cup reach final and we just need to wait and keep watching...

First round we can see Italy was out and not qualify for the second round..France pon sama jugak..even more surprise when one of France player was sent home because ade conflict between manager ngan player tu..

Second round was a bit dramatic, when South Korea was beaten by Uruguay..lepas game, most of the fan were crying..Mana tak nangis nyer, they lost because of penalty score..dah main penat 90 minutes plus 30 minutes extra time then suddenly kalah sebab penalty..kesian..England pon tak menunjukkan performance yang memberangsangkan..As a wife to a die-hard-fan England supporter, I am a bit husband tak yah citer la sampai nak bakar jersey England, boleh?? such a drama king betol encik suamiku..

The first quarter final game brought a huge disappointment to Brazil when they dumped by Dutch 2-1..memang unexpected betul! I know most of you including me thought Brazil will get through but guys..we were wrong!! Blame must goes to Felipe Melo when he blatantly and petulantly stamped on Robben and was dismissed by earning a red card..of course la motivation player Brazil dah down kan..then Dutch just take advantage on that la..I also think Brazil underestimated Dutch resulted their losses..Poor Brazil..Try again in the next 4 years eh..

Well done Oranje!

My friend even made a joke about the game by putting on his FB status,

Petrobras (Brazil) 1 - 2 Shell (Dutch) Petronas memang out of the league la kan...

Okay..sekian saje laporan sukan dari saya from Nigeria..=P

Can't wait to watch game between Ghana VS Uruguay tonight....but tetibe manager call for urgent meeting plak..demn...hopefully meeting tak lame and I could catch the game...
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