Wednesday, July 29, 2009

A week...a month...a year...

Hi all..

After a week becomes a month I've planned to post recent updates about my life but I couldn't find even one quality hour for me to write anything in this blog. Sorry to keep you guys waiting (if there's anyone waiting for my updates..=P). I've been busy with Emir and being a wife that once in a while be a home, make me become more busier with house chores and stuffs..

Emir turns 6 months last week and he becomes more aggressive and active. The time that he will be restless is when he's sleeping. I need to monitor him 24/7 and now he's crawling and the next time I know he will be climbing and time flies!!

So for the last one month I've been busy taking care of my son, doing house chores, went to Bangkok for a short vacation, invite my friends to my house for house-warming and last but not least shopping, shopping and shopping!!!

And now I'm away AGAIN from my husband and my son..I wonder until when this situation will be..I always think that somehow I need to count my blessing because I still have my work and stop complaining about it..but I someday I need to put a stop of it, isn't?...I pray that one fine day will come soon..

Tomorrow I will go to the desert and have mission to be completed. I will update about my life from there. I have few pending post that I will put in the next entry soon..funny thing is I have wrote about it but I'm keep writing it halfway..I need to finish writing my post and post it here..

Wish me luck and enjoy reading my blog!!

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