Sunday, May 8, 2011

A person whom brought me to this world

Happy Mother's Day to all mom in the world!!

I want to thank you, Mother,
for your patience…
your encouragement…
your strength…
your generosity…
your unswerving love…
and for those six little words
that helped me through
so many trying times…
“…because I said so, that’s why!”


Fever please go away

I hate it when I got fever..

Even worse when I'm alone and away from my family.

I'm now in Brunei for a vacation..tettt..nope..I'm here of course because of work. I traveled to Brunei from Labuan three times in this month. Dah lah by boat! So bad the company wants to cut cost. And by that, I mean always!! My body just getting tired by traveling and I just didn't get enough rest. So I decided not to go to the base today. There's no point going to the base especially on Sunday, if I'm just doing my work in front of my laptop. I can do that at home on the cozy sofa and in front of TV, no?

Oo yeah, I guess I haven't shared the good news with you guys. I don't know if you guys noticed in my facebook status or'm not yet pregnant..not yet..InsyaAllah we are working on that..Well, actually I just got transfer back to Malaysia! Alhamdulillah. Finally, I'm getting closer to my family. Though I'm not assigned to be working in KL but at least I know I have flexible time to go home more often and my husband also can always come and visit me in Labuan. That's great! I promise myself and my family that I will work on to get any position in KL. Pray for me!

I think I just lost a bit of writing mojo after wait.....I guess 2 months since the last entry was posted in this blog..hahaha..that long, ey?!! I was almost shutting down this blog. ("-_-)

He is my true happiness
Picture taken in London, 2011

Dear flu & fever..please go away...
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