Friday, January 30, 2009

BIG things happened in one short time..

It has been a longggggg time since my last entry..Now I'm back!! There's so many things happening to me..When I said thing means BIG thing really happened!!

Pemergian Arwah Mak

On 27th of December 2008, I lost my lovely grandma whom I called mak...She passed away on that day during Azan Zohor...It happened really fast..The story begin when she was fainted at Surau after recited Yassin...As she was walking out from Surau she suddenly fainted and fell down..She woke up when she arrived at the hospital..Doctor said she had a small stroke..Then the next day, she's getting better..Her BP is normal and doctor even said she could go home the next day..Just doctor needed to monitor her heart beat..

The next day on 27th December 2008, when she's ready to go home and just wait for doctor to confirm it, she's suddenly fainted again..The BP suddenly went up higher and doctor was trying to help her breathing but it was so late..Only with one stroke she's came back to Allah..What made me feel so sad is that I was planning to visit her at the hospital after Zohor but I was too late...Allah permudahkan segalanya bagi arwah mak...Arwah mak tak pernah sakit2 teruk sebelum ni..Arwah tak pernah masuk hospital before kecuali mase bersalin..Tapi ajal maut di tangan Allah..Kita semua tak tau bile mase kite betul2 ready untuk meninggalkan dunia ini..To be truth, until now I still don't feel that arwah mak has passed away..macam arwah pegi jenjalan for the short time..Each time when I think about her I will cry..Sampai sekarang I can't look at her picture..lagi membuatkan I feel so sad when arwah tak sempat nak tengok cicit die..

Kami semua doakan arwah mak sentiasa dicucuri rahmat Allah dan ditempatkan di kalangan ahli syurga..InsyaAllah..

Me and Arwah Mak during Hari Raya 2007...

New Baby is coming!!

On 21st of January 2009, I was safely delivered a cute little baby boy at Pusat Rawatan Islam Kuala Lumpur..There will be more story about my little baby in new upcoming post!!
.....and....I will revealed his name too!!

Tadaaa...My cute little Prince has arrived!!


effie said...

my condolence..

and congratulations for the new baby..
tapi aku da tau nama dia..
sungguh chomel si kecil itu..

miralatiff said...

Thanx efi..

This-is-so-fashion said...
This comment has been removed by the author.
azhar si kacak said...

adui ~ arwah atuk , rindu laa . Al-Fatihah .

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