Wednesday, July 6, 2011

Stay-at-Home Mothers vs Working Mothers

How do you feel about housewives/stay-at-home mothers vs career mothers?

In a modern world we live now, I guess working mothers are quite common. I'm also a working mother. In fact, my working schedule is a bit different from normal working mothers.

Yes, I agree memang sepatutnya suami is designated to be a provider and protector. But did you know that one of the largest sources of stress for husbands in the modern day is an inability to provide enough for their families so that their wife can stay at home? Di tambah pula dengan situasi di Malaysia sekarang ni harga barang2 dah naik, of course family expenses pon will be increased. Problem is gaji yang tak naik2. So macam manalah husband tak stress kan. That's where, working wife come to rescue.

I know a lot of people view working, career mothers as abandoning their children. Yelar, pergi kerja time anak belum bangun, then balik kerja when it is about their bedtime. Got to spend only few hours with the kids everyday. Tu pon kalau anak2 tak tidur awal. Some might say working mothers are not truly raising their kids, being selfish and self-centered.

While stay-at-home mothers, have all day to do what they want without a lot of responsibility. They don’t have to report to a boss or file paperwork nor have annoying, gossipy co-workers to deal with.

I believe every mother in this world wants the best for their kids. Obviously anyone would want to be there for their children. Setiap ibu nak experience the big milestones of their children. We want to see when they started crawling, walking, eat the first solid food, hear the first word.

I also believe in quality over quantity. There are many stay at home mothers don't spend the best quality time with their children. While working mothers, might only have an hour a day and the weekends, BUT they make the most of that time and do memorable things with their child. It can go either way.

Every family is different, people all have different circumstances. A mother does what is best for the family. Doesn't matter they are working or stay-at-home mother. I want my kids to say this to me in the future "Ibu, Thank you for raising us well and we are proud of you on what you've done". InsyaAllah.

Tuesday, July 5, 2011

Someone got a new car!

Car that can be parked inside the house :P

Meet the owner of the car

I'm not really sure how I can finally agreed with my husband to buy this car. Bukan apa, risau excitement tu hanyalah untuk sementara. Lepas dah boring sure tersadai jer kereta ni dekat rumah. This car also takes space inside my house.

Tapi akhirnya ibu tewas jugak dengan pujukan ayah....demimu anakku....lepas ni jangan duk langgar dinding ibu okay..this car is not a bumper car!

Masih lesen 'L' lagi (ayah tolong maneuver pakai remote control)
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