Saturday, January 9, 2010

Emir with his new gear

Emir ade menunjukkan symptom untuk berjalan since last month..At first me and my husband wanted to buy him a walker...Then my mom macam cakap tak perlu and biarkan dia berjalan on his own..

Last 2 weeks when I was in Singapore, I went to one of Toy r us store and found this one cute little car..and it is not that expensive...unfortunately I didn't buy it because I traveled with my mom, dad and 2 little sisters and the car already cramped with our stuff...My husband pon cakap takpe we can easily find it in Malaysia...anddd......we did!! I really like I mean Emir really loves it!!..

Sila abaikan ketidakemasan di belakang itu..

I like it because it can be a gear for Emir to help him to walk...and Emir absolutely can play with it too!!

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