Monday, January 4, 2010

How to avoid Jet Lag?

Hi all,

For those yang selalu travel to overseas especially countries that across a number of time zones mesti rase jet lag..Jet lag ni mcm sleeping disorders result from rapid long-distance travel (east-west or west-east)..

The condition of jet lag may last few days, and according to some research jet lag recovery rates is 1 day per eastward time zone or 1 day per 1.5 westward time zone as fair guidelines.

Okay, base on my experience pulak, I ade few tips untuk avoid or cepat recover from jet lag...

1) Be well rested
Make sure to have your normal quota of sleep before and during your stay at the destination.

2) Stretching
If it's a long flight, make sure to get up and walk around (like pegi toilet basuh muke pon okay) and do some stretches to get the blood flowing.

3) Keep hydrated
Ensure you take plenty of non-carbonated fluids water or juice - on the flight. Banyak kan minum plain water. Keep in mind that alcohol amplifies dehydration.

4) Sleep at the right time
If you arrive at your destination in the day time, try not to sleep, irrespective of how tired you feel. Go about the day as normal and your body clock will adapt.

5) Homeopathic remedies
Avoid any sleeping pills on flights, if you need help sleeping seek a natural remedy such as melatonin.

Actually I just arrived in Libya, then terfikir why I share some tips with you guys. Libya is 6 hours difference from Malaysia. So out of many times I travel mesti selalu rase jet lag. Then I pon google to find some info and tried it myself. Alhamdulillah so far I feel better each time I touch down Libya. The next day my body dah boleh adapt dengan time Libya. Kawan-kawan pon boleh try. InsyaAllah boleh kurangkan jet lag.

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effie said...

if i blk msia..confirm jet lag..sbb smpai da mlm n campur chit chattingwith family n friends n the next morning trus na pg breakfast..tgh hari baru blh tido..huwaaaaa...cant do that again..

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