Saturday, April 10, 2010

Visiting the twins!

Yesterday I've got an early message in the morning from one of my colleague..

"Alhamdulillah Ayu selamat melahirkan twins kami"

I was still in bed and I feel like I wanna jump and get ready to see the twins..hehe..I've been waiting so long to finally meet them!!..

Congratulations to Ayu and Ochee..I am so happy for both of you!

The happy new parents!!

Ochee was working in the company with me and he was assigned and still working in Libya..So basically we met in Libya not in Malaysia..Ohh yaa..Ochee ni Malaysian la..and he brought his wife to Libya too..So when I was in Libya I was quite close to them and always went to their house to get together with other Malaysian..and I know how hard Ayu was facing in early pregnancy stage when she was abroad..I mean walaupon her husband was with her all the time but sometimes I can see that she also needed her mom to be with share the pregnancy story or sharing experiences...Plus I know how Libya's environment was treating her..Early pregnancy was the toughest time and I salute her that she went through it with patience..

Then today after I done with my facial, I went back home and get ready to go to the hospital..When we arrived Ayu was breastfeeding one of the twins and I was asking where is another one..So sad to hear that the other twins is still under observation because of low heart beat..I hope she will be okay anytime prayers is always with her..Sempat jugak tengok dia but tak boleh nak hold her and we all tengok dekat cermin jer..So cute!!

Emir was so excited to meet the baby..and each time he saw me hold the baby he will come close to me and showing his amaze-expression kind of face sambil cakap "eeiiiiiii" pointing at the baby...I don't know whether he understand that the baby that I'm holding is human being or toys..hehe..

I managed to take some pictures..

Let's meet Aleeya Adriana and Aleeya Amani..What a nice it!

Hi!! my name is Aleeya Adriana...

Hi!! I am Aleeya Amani!!

Adriana: Aunty mira pegang saya kuat2 tau!
Aunty Mira: Don't worry aunty dah dilatih..Abang Emir dulu 3.4 kg tu aunty steady jer dukung..hehe

"Tuuuu..." said Emir pointing at the baby...

Emir yang dah tawaf ward bersalin berape kali pon ibu tak tau then masuk kereta terus doze off...

Rindu nya masa Emir baru lahir dulu...wangi bau baby tu memang priceless yang tak sabar ni nak ada our "second"...Encik suamiku......


effie said...

suka nyer babies...
emir tetap the charming one.. :)

miralatiff said...

effie:thank you! I like babies too!!

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