Thursday, April 15, 2010

Live from Nigeria - Part 1

Percutian saya yang agak lama finally over and now saya bersiaran langsung dari Port Harcourt, Nigeria..FINALLY!! After semua rintangan dan dugaan from nak buat visa, medical check up, nak update dengan visa department dekat Nigeria with difficulty of time difference, finally I safely arrived in Nigeria..Alhamdulillah..

To be honest when I depart from KLIA to Lagos, Nigeria I was totally lost and do not know what to expect..Yelar from what I read and heard before memang la sangat tak best and tak menyenangkan hati but naluri hati I kata why not give it a try..Orang kata ajal maut datangnya dari Allah..tak kira la di mana kita berada pon kan..I redha..dengan restu suami and my parents I decided to go to Nigeria..

Dubai airport seemed so dull when I arrived..maybe issue volcano in Iceland menyebabkan most of airport in Europe closed and most flight to Europe has been canceled..Even flight from KLIA to Dubai pon tak penuh and I boleh duduk sesuka hati except bussiness class and first class la...Transit dekat Dubai tak lama sangat just 2 hours and I continued my journey for another 7 hours to Lagos, Nigeria...flight to Lagos memang pack dengan manusia berkulit hitam..mata ni liar jugak memerhati mana la tau terjumpa dengan orang Malaysia or Indonesia but there's no..orang Philippine ada la 2-3 I pon kenal-kenal dengan one Philippines..Dia pon first timer jugak jejak kaki in Nigeria and having the same visa as me..I suka sebab ada geng..if there's anything happen tak la sorang-sorang...

Arrived in Lagos around afternoon and Alhamdulillah sampai-sampai dah nampak ada orang hold a board with my name on it..International airport in Lagos is not that big..but I have to wait for my luggage for almost an hour!!..Then after that ada security check pulak dah la orang ramai boleh pulak nak suruh I bukak my huge luggage..D*amn..I did not dare to take any picture dekat airport sebab tengok ramai sangat police man and risau tiba-tiba my camera kena ragut kan...

I felt relieved just after I masuk kereta sebab rasa selamat sangat and they drove me to hotel straight..I stayed in Savoy Hotel..Hotel tu okay-okay jer la...but the room that they put me in is so huge!! I just stayed for one night and tomorrow morning I woke up around 5 AM sebab nak catch flight at 7.30AM...At the airport I met few people who are working in the same company as me..They helped me a lot..

Flight from Lagos to Port Harcourt took around 45 minutes...and when I arrived ada orang jemput jugak..I was escorted like a president to the camp which I will stay while I'm in Nigeria..Police depan and belakang..memang rasa macam naik kereta president la..semua kereta bagi laluan to our car on the road..I've been told that in 2007, there were 4 guys from my company got kidnapped by militant group and since then security for all employee memang sangat body are allowed to go out from the camp without being escort by the security... be continued.....


Nozie Yusof said...

hai mira,

jumpe blog u time bloghop..still remember me?

kita jumpe kat umah ayu+ochee


miralatiff said...

Nozie: Hi Nozie!! mestilah kenal..thanx for visiting my dropped by next time..

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