Sunday, June 19, 2011

Makcik tua yang gempak!

Kita selalu tak appreciate sangat apa² yang berada dekat dengan kita but when things being far away from us barulah nak dikenang² or rasa menyesal justeru keluarlah ungkapan seperti berikut "Kenapalah aku tak pergi dulu masa aku ada dekat sana!" "Menyesal betul aku tak try karipap makcik dekat situ, bila lagi lah boleh pergi sana.."..Well at least it always happen to me..

Last weekend, a good friend of mine offered me to join him to go to Miri. He had to run some errands in Miri and his friend invited him to go to his house. Since I had nothing to do at home in Brunei, I went to Miri with him. My first intention to go there was definitely to spend some moolah..haha..dah lama rasanya I didn't do the "real" shopping toksah habaq la nooo....

Since we arrived quite early, my brain suddenly triggered 'hey why not we go to Grand Old Lady?'..I've been wanting to go to this place for so long since the first time I visited Miri but never had any chance to go. Selalu dok dengar orang duk cerita² jer pasal this place. This place is one of the place you should put in your itinerary when you come to Miri.

The Grand Old Lady, Malaysia’s first inland oil drilling platform and one of Sarawak’s most important historical monuments. This landmark is about 30 meters high, Located on top of Canada Hill overlooking Miri, it attracts locals to enjoy the scenery or jog on the well-designed path.

Some might said.."boring...!" but you will never know until you visit the place. Tempat² bersejarah memang la a bit dull kan but hey it's apart of your country's history. Malu lah kalau tengah borak² dengan your friend mat saleh pulak tu, then they ask you "Have you heard about Grand Old Lady?"..then you said "No" lepas tu mat saleh tu pulak yang dok sakan cerita pasal history tempat tu..wait..are we talking about your friend mat saleh's country or your country?? Malu kot...tempat kita sepatutnya kita lah cerita kat dia kan..

Proved! I've been to this place..tu pon nak kecoh..('-_-)

Drill rig replica

This well just celebrated her 100 years anniversary last year..

Gigih tau orang² dulu nak drill the well..Right now semua pakai machine jer..

So dekat dengan the Grand Old Lady tu ada Muzium Petroleum..Boleh visit untuk tahu lebih lanjut macam mane terhasilnya petrol yang you all pump for your car..From how the hydrocarbon formed million years ago sampai la how the end product has been produced (Diesel, Gasoline, petrol etc.)

Inside the museum tu ade fun area jugak for the kids. Not bad jugak lah kan. One of the game provided is this 'car'..If you wanna experience earth quake while driving a car, don't be afraid to hop on into this was really fun!

I didn't miss the opportunity to mesmerize the scenery from the top of Canada Hill..You can see bandar Miri from here..

If you had a chance to visit Miri, you can take the chance to visit this place. Ooh you don't have to spend a penny to visit this place including the Petroleum Museum. They are FOC.

Tak perlu tanya apa yang aku beli masa dekat Miri. Banyak. Period. (-_-')

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