Friday, November 28, 2008

Having Fun at Sunway Lagoon!!

Yeahooo!! I really had fun at Sunway Lagoon!!

Last Wednesday me and my family went to Sunway Lagoon. It's actually my husband plan since his brothers and sisters from Sungai Petani came down to Kuala Lumpur for school holiday. So I've invited my siblings to join us including my Maksu and her cute daughter. It's been a long time ago since I went to Sunway Lagoon. Last time I've been to Sunway Lagoon was a few years ago. So I was really excited.

We started that morning with breakfast at kedai mamak (nak having fun kene ade energy kan..)..Then we went straight to Sunway Lagoon..Even thou that day was a weekday but there's so many people (because of school break I supposed). After we got our watch bangle (it's like a ticket to get into Sunway Lagoon) our adventure started. Our excitement begun in amusement park where outdoor games are located then continued with acara mandi-manda at water park. So let's all pictures tell you guys how enjoyed we are!!

Having breakfast at kedai mamak

While waited for my husband buy the ticket

Pirates Revenge. My husband tried to be macho kat awek sebelah die yang tengah menjerit2. To show that he's not scared at all..:)

With Shasha...Saye hanye dibenarkan naik Ferris wheel sahaje!! Benci betol!!

I bet there's million of peoples went to Sunway Lagoon without failing to take picture with this horse statue..We were one of those people..hehehe

Kaklong terpakse naik ni sebab shasha nak naik..hehe

My husband berlatih menjadi seorang ayah yang bertanggungjawab dengan accompany Shasha naik ni..:)

My husband tengah doa sebelum Tomahawk adventure started..hehehe so funny..

Semua proud sebab berjaye naik Tomahawk dengan jaye nyer..:P

The most thing that made me feel regret was I didn't snap any pictures while we were at water park..Yelar semua pon nak mandi including me so nanti camera basah..Ni picture after kiteorang kepenatan selepas mandi-manda...

Nana and Shasha yang sleepy selepas penat mandi..

Me, hubby and Shasha

2 orang ibu mengandung yang bersungguh naik hanging bridge ni..balik umah kaki lenguh..But I'm proud that I could manage to climb those stairs..Seminggu x yah exercise..hehe

Mr Hubby and I

After that we went to Sunway Pyramid to have our lunch since foods at Sunway Lagoon is extremely expensive..One burger cost you like RM7.00..Mineral water RM3.00...Sangat mahal and yet tak bagi orang bawak food masuk dalam..That the thing yang I think is irrelevant about Sunway Lagoon..Dah la nak masuk Sunway pon agak mahal jugak kan..But after all we really had fun and looking forward to have some activities that we all together can participate..
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