Tuesday, November 25, 2008

Sign of blood

I hope everything will be okay with my baby..

Just now when I about to pee I was surprised to see blood on my panty..(not red color but more to brown la..macam period sign camtu)..I called my husband straight away then he asked me whether I feel pain or not..I don't feel any pain at all!!...Then I remember my gynea once told me that if I see any sign of blood try not to be freaking out because if it's not continuously bleeding it might be because I moved a lot during that day or it shows a good sign that my baby is turning or moving inside..."baby ibu ni move banyak sangat kot"...Since last 2 days I did a lot of house work (my mother-in-law nak datang umah so kene la kemas umah skit) and I walked a lot...I think maybe because of that la kot..

Alhamdulillah it's only secalit blood show..I hope everything will be okay InsyaAllah...


Aida Narina said...

mira, rest banyak2 tauu =)
xyahla buat kerja berat, sure ur hubby pn nk u rest kan-kan..
tinggal 2bln lebey je. hope u and ur baby will be fine and healthy.

p/s: aida link mira kat blog. ^_^

mieraaj said...

mira...sile jaga diri & baby yek..tkyah wat keje terok2...upah bibik la senang..huhu

effie said...

first baby memang macam tue..
tapi u dont have to worry k..
kau pg execise ibu2 mengandung tak?
it is good for u,u know..
senang masa labor nanti..
tapi mesti ibu2 kau cakap kan..
nutrition paling penting..
aku tgh belajar obstetrics..
cepat betol kau na ader baby..
biler kau due?

miralatiff said...

aida: No problem..Thanx for your advise..arini kene pegi check up ngan gynea..wish me luck..

mieraaj: Thanx dear miera..bile nak ajak aku kuar ni??

effie: aku ade jugak exercise but not always la...aku due insyaAllah early february..ko xde kene sambut baby kat labor room ker??

effie said...

aku tak sambut baby lagi..
tapi aku belajar laaa semua tue..
cara na sambut baby..
last time kan..
mama aku cakap sebelom dia deliver baby kan..
doctor bagi dia minom milo..
baru ader tenaga..
tak sabar na tgk baby kau..

mieraaj said...

ko larat lagi ke nak klua ngn aku???jom2...nex wik la..aku tk pena lagi teman ibu 'to be' syoping...ko da abes syoping tok baby blom???

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