Friday, August 20, 2010

Why is this happening to me now?

My mood while writing this entry : Pissed off and full of frustration (Please bare with me otherwise please kindly leave this page)

Well, yesterday I traveled from Port Harcourt to Lagos, I arrived in Lagos around 12 in the afternoon. Flight to Lagos supposed to be at 8.50 AM as written on the ticket was delayed to 11 AM. Even you think sometimes AirAsia or Firefly has poor services, local flight in Nigeria is even worse. I didn't get any information regarding my flight was delayed and I had to depend on the announcement made in the airport, which was unclear and I had to listen very carefully to what the announcer said (sometimes it is hard for me to understand Nigerian accent). Not to mention, unfriendly airport staff. Urghhhhh!! That was not a good way to start my day..

I arrived in Lagos and then the driver took me to the hotel..After settling down and ordered foods for buka puasa, around 6 PM I've got a call from unfamiliar number. I picked up the phone.

"Hello may I speak to Miss Amirah, this is YY calling from travel desk" She called me Miss..=)

"Yes, Amirah speaking, anything that I could help you?"

"I have to inform you that your flight has been postponed to Saturday"

"Pardon me, you've said my flight has been postponed to Saturday? Saturday the 21st?"

"Yeah, you heard me right. You flight will be on Saturday the 21st not Friday the 20th"

"But I have got the flight itinerary, how come my flight has to be postponed?"

"Well, you were in the waiting list, the flight was actually fully-booked when we booked your seat"

"Why don't you inform me earlier? Why now?"

"We are so sorry, we just got the confirmation from Emirate*s just now"

I was speechless, feeling like slapping someone's face and the only thing I could do is to call my husband and deliver the sad news. I know. It's just one day delayed, right? It's not a big deal to certain of you. But it is a BIG deal for me. After spending 8 weeks away from my family, do you think I could handle another one day? Hell, nooooo...Even if my manager ask me to stay I would say no to him..Remember this entry...Plus I'm in Lagos now, if I am still in Port Harcourt, probably I could kill my time by going to the base and continue working. But here, I am alone and the fact that I have to spend one more day locked up in the hotel room (I can't go out because of the security thingy!) does not really help to cheer me up. Lucky me the hotel provides internet least internet could makes me occupied..

Most importantly, I have set my mind that I will see my family on this Saturday! I was and still am frustrated knowing that my flight is postponed. Not only me, my husband too..He's waiting for me to come home for 8 weeks! Even he said he's okay with the news, but from his voice I know he's also disappointed with the news. He just didn't want to show it to me..Instead he tried to cheer me up..Thank you sayang...

Maybe ada hikmah behind all this..Maybe I did something bad to someone and this is some kind like punishment to me..Ya Allah tabahkan lah hati hamba mu ini untuk menghadapi dugaan Mu ini..


Mohd Hafiz Safwan said...


miralatiff said...

Busu: Dah banyak bersabar dengan travel desk ni..dugaan bulan ramadhan..

kew_chop said...

siannya mira. faham sgt camana ur feeling rite now. take care tau. n take rest nanti sampai mesia leh main puas ngan emir n manja2 ngan hubby.

miralatiff said...

Murni: Thank you..tular..nak tunggu satu hari tu macam na tunggu sebulan..aww..manja2 ngan hubby tu kena censored skit...hehehe

Husna Hadzarami said...

oh my..
sedihnya baca entry ni.
tak boleh bayang dah kahwin nanti berjauhan dengan husband and anak anak (kenapa aku guna kata ganda utk anak?)
anyway harap kau sabar ye. hari ini dah boleh balik dah. nasib baik ada internet connection.
boleh YM webcam ke apa to kill the time :)

miralatiff said...

Husna:Thank You dear..Penantian hampir berakhir...aku ngah siap2 ni and driver will pick me up to the airport in 3 hours..Anak2? Adakah husna nak menghasilkan anak seramai 12 orang? hehehe

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