Friday, May 8, 2009

After a long break..

Hi readers!!

Well..well..I just arrived in Libya last three days but didn't get a chance to sit and update my blog..quite busy right here and trying to adjust myself with my work..yelar dah 6 bulan duduk goyang kaki (yeker?!) kat rumah..=)

So sampai-sampai jer dekat Tripoli international airport the other day dah ade orang picked me up and went straight to guest house. Libya has not changed much since my last visit. Same jer...just ade satu shopping mall baru bukak kat Tripoli la..tu pon tak best sangat..

Malam tu pulak I've got invitation from one of Malaysian Family kat Tripoli untuk dinner sesamer..Actually I was quite tired from the long hours flight but demi nak makan nasi bersame ayam masak merah I gagahkan jugak diri ini untuk pergi..dah la besok nyer I have to work!!

Okaylaa..I dah mengantuk yang amat sangat ni..I'll continue later okay..

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