Saturday, May 2, 2009

Happy Labor day!!

I wanna wish happy labor day to myself, my husband and all people who are working in the world!!
As for me and my family we spent our holiday playing bowling and eat good food..But myself takde la rase best sangat dapat cuti arini because dah lame sangat cutikan..hikhik..

So, what did you do during labor day??

Quote of the day: With children, just the touch of the hand, a loving smile, a careful compliment, a close caress, can work wonders.


effie said...

aku xm..huuuuuuu
btw..bile kau balik libya??

miralatiff said...

hi efi!! aku balik libya malam ni..good luck on your exam!!

Anonymous said...

aku pi kawen rafidah..hehe

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