Monday, October 18, 2010

Am I a Shoeholic??

Men often buy things when they need them..Unlike us, women, we usually buy stuffs according to what we want instead of what we need..Sometimes, we don't even use the things we bought just simply because we buy them for the sake of having them..Hence, we end up piling them in the cabinet or in the store without using them..or who smart enough will sell their so called pre-loved stuffs to others..

Today, during our conversation on the phone with my husband, he mentioned to me that his working shoe is in very bad condition. One of his shoe has torn macam mulut buaya after almost 1 1/2 year of wearing it..lama kan kalau I sure tiap² bulan beli kasut baru..and he said he will send his shoe to the gobbler to fix it..and he still wants to wear the shoe again..I just told him just buy the new one for God sake!!

After that conversation ended, then I remember that I have lotsssssss of SHOES!!!..Kalau orang yang suka collect handbags is known as Bagaholic, so for those shoe collector like me, is Shoeholic la kan??? Most of my shoes collection are either flat pumps or ballerina..I rarely wear high heels thou..I will only wear high heels during special occasion macam pergi rumah orang kawen or event² formal..Most of the time, I will be more comfortable to put my feet in my Crocs or any of my flat shoes..senang nak bergerak especially when you have a very energetic baby boy!

Ni baru half..another half either in my car or I put outside the house..before this macam tak perasan sangat ada banyak kasut..then aritu masa nak pindah, baru sedar *gulp* (baru sedar ker? ker buat2 tak sedar) ada banyak kasut time nak kemas² masuk dalam kotak...dah lepas ni tak payah beli kasut setahun..You're RIGHT mira!

My husband selalu jugak perli² cakap my shoes take 3/4 of shoe rack and he only get a little space for his shoes...Normal la tu kan?? betul tak all ladies out there???

Certain of them I memang jarang pakai..thinking of donating them or hands down to my sister..Kasut² yang telah mengambil *ehem²* 3/4 space dalam almari kasut rumah kami *sambil dipandang sinis oleh suamiku*..


cicayanki said...

hehehhe mira, i also have a unposted post on my colection of shoes. i spend my money of shoes, handbags and baju! of course on blings blings and watches too. so that makes me a all-holic?

anyways, i have about 60 pairs here. from selipar to boots! haiyaaa, nnt nk blk msia berapa boxes la i will need for my shoes only. im sure the same goes to you:p good luck to both of us!

but as per prouduck, girls treat themselves by spending more money. and as for us, spend more money on shoes :D

miralatiff said...

Dena: OMG!! banyak giler your shoes!! sure you have those cute2 boots kan?? I love boots too! I bought mine mase pergi Paris last time but now dah selamat dalam peti besi kat umah..hehehe

Aritu mase pindah rumah..satu kotak for my shoes jer..chipmunk ngan emir nyer kasut just selit2 in my shoes box..hehe

But I pelik kenape kite masih complain kite xde kasut nak pakai eh?? maybe we just get bored with our existing shoes and just WANTed to buy a new one..hikhikhik

Madam Sooyaree said...

eh, there's always reason to shop. walau ke giant, hahaha

miralatiff said...

Sooyaree: tau takpe..masuk watson pon mesti ade jer nak beli..walaupon chocolate kan??

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