Friday, April 17, 2009

The Waterlily..

Last night me and my hubby had dinner at The Waterlily Cafe..The place located at Puchong IOI business park..Ermm..eventhou we're staying in Puchong for quite sometimes, me and my husband just realized dengan kewujudan restaurant ini...but I think the word 'cafe' it's not really suitable for this place sebab it will make people confuse tentang concept restaurant ni..reason nyer akan dijelaskan di bawah..huhuhu

The reason why I said the word 'cafe' is not appropriate to be used here because normally when we mention about cafe we all will think it must be like another Kopitiam but this place is not Kopitiam at all!! It is a restaurant..Maybe I should voice it out or talk to the manager perhaps?!!..hahaha..tetibe emo plak I ni..

Talking about the restaurant, I like the atmosphere in and out of this restaurant..Upon entering the restaurant, sights of chefs grilling steaks can be seen. The atmosphere is gentle and warm, dim orange lights create a relaxing and romantic feeling throughout the establishment. The walls are fully hung with various newspaper articles recommending this restaurant.

Food choices are mainly divided into light snacks, mixed grills, nasi lemak and pasta. Steaks are prepared in Balinese style, similar to those in Bumbu Bali, another Bali oriented restaurant that serves excellent Western food. As for me I chose BBQ chicken wing served with potatoes and for drink I've ordered Green Apple Splash..I like my drink so much!!

BBQ Chicken the smell of lemongrass..

Green Apple Splash...very tempting kan?? Tengok pon boleh terliur..=P

Mr Hubby has ordered BBQ Lamb Grilled..served with gravy (sangat sedap!) and coselow and a slice of watermelon..

Emir was sleeping while we're eating..boleh makan dengan tenang nyer...hehehe

All in all, this restaurant boleh di kategorikan okay time boleh datang lagi and nak try order yang lain pulak..

Quote of the day: As parents, we never stand so tall as when we stoop to help our children.


WeBViDeOKLiP said...

BBQ Lamb Grilled cm sedap gile

mieraaj said...

comey emir..bekatak2 tangan berat ke mama die nk dukung???

Wan 2 juz,cik CT wan kembang said...

mira..da bpe kilo emir ni???semangat la...

kew_chop said...

alolo, comeyynye emir nih. dah ape kg. zayyan br 3 weeks dah 5.3kg dah. adoii..

miralatiff said...

miera: agak letih jugak la kalo dukung die lame2..especially time breastfeed die..kene cari position yang selese otherwise lenguh tangan..

Hajar: rase nyer dah almost 7kg dah kot..last timbang 6.3kg..tu last month check up la..skang i ofcourse dah tambah lagi..

murni: wow!! zayyan boleh geng ngan emir..kalau baby breastfeed memang cepat naik badan..lagi2 baby boy!! emir dah 7 kg rase nyer..besok g check up nanti kite update..

effie said...

chubby nyer anak kau...
mesti berat seyh..
sempat tak aku balik sebelom kau balik libya???

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