Sunday, April 5, 2009

My version of "The Terminal"..

It's really not my day..after feeling really regret by leaving my son back in Malaysia, now I'm stuck in Dubai airport having visa problem and I missed my flight because of that...but people says 'setiap sesuatu yang berlaku pasti ade hikmah di sebalik nye' and that is happening to me..From what had happened to me I get an opportunity to meet my son again because they send me back to Malaysia!!

Actually it was my mistake that I wasn't aware dengan Visa ni..Right now I'm having a resident visa to Libya and I didn't know that I have to have entry/exit visa kalau nak masuk Libya..I pon x faham why this country nak susahkan orang..what's the point having a resident visa visa department pon bukan nak inform kan I pasal this matter..BTW, when airport staff tengok my passport they said memang I ade entry/exit visa tu but it's already expired..then baru la I faham the situation that entry/exit visa tu valid for 3 months memang confirm la I nyer dah expired sebab I was on my maternity leave for 6 months...hmm...lagi satu masalah nyer everything that written in that damn visa is in arabic and I don't really understand arabic..sangat2 susah when pegi country yang needs you to have visa..nak pegi Europe lagi senang x payah visa 2 ni..last time mase I pegi France senang giler..xyah nak sebuk2 pegi embassy ape semua..At first memang I felt frustrated sebab dah half way through nak sampai Libya and then kene balik Malaysia balik..but when I look at the bright side I can meet my son and my husband again!!

I rase dah macam cerita "The Terminal" dah skang ni..That guy yang stuck kat airport sebab by the time die transit kat situ country die di die buat airport macam umah die sebab he can't go out from my situation right is moe less like him except the country part..Malaysia just baru tukar prime minister jer..

Sempat juge saye ber'blogging' after being stranded at Dubai Airport..Time ni baru lepas bertekak ngan airport staff..

At Dubai Airport

But I'm glad that I found one Malaysian guy in this unfortunate event and he also having the same problem..but in his case he's not going back to Malaysia...He'll go to Libya...sian kat die..His manager managed to get him visa upon arrival..Ape2 pon Allah memang nak tolong I sebab if I'm not met this guy I think I will be totally lost and don't know what to do..I want to thank him for helping me and calm me down..Thank you Nabil!!

Accidentally meet my Malaysian friend at Dubai Airport and we're having the same problem..

Memang rase macam dapat free vacation to Dubai for one day..and at this opportunity yang ade ni I will use it very wisely by treating myself with shopping!! Yelar dah pening2 and bertekak ngan airport staff yang buat I sakit jiwa..dah la dieorang ni not really good in speaking english..susah nak explain my situation to them..dah la rude giler..rase nak lempang jer sensorang..BTW, barang2 kat Dubai airport ni x semua nyer murah..but item like perfume mmg ade beza skit la kalo beli kat shopping mall in Malaysia..I mean murah sikit if I buy it here..

Hasil tangkapan saye di Dubai Airport.....

Armani Code stick deodorant for my hubby and DKNY Be Delicious twin for me and one for my mom..

Emir punyer..

Okayla, my flight will be in 5 hours..can't wait to meet my little prince!!


yusrizal said...

macam sarawak la plak, work permit valid for 3 months je.

so kena buat visa balik la ek??
pastu bila kena balik LIBYA?

pas 24 may la...

miralatiff said...

yer..working visa still valid but entry/exit visa yang dah expired..
balik libya lepas visa dah siap..
ikut ati mmg nak postpond cuti tp nanti manager ngamuk plak..

effie said...

sama susa cam na pg ukraine..

best nyer balik msia lagi..
berapa lama plak kat msia?
jeles nyer.

miralatiff said...

effie:Memang sgt nyusahkan kalo pegi country yang nak visa ni..aku x tau lagi balik libya bile sbb nak tunggu visa siap dulu baru nak book ticket otherwise I will end up keep in postponing my ticket..

effie said...

oo ok..boss kau tak marah ker??
tak per..
lama skit kau ngan emir.. :P

Wan 2 juz,cik CT wan kembang said...

i do love read your blog..mcm2..heee.. btw..i kwn nana mael sepet tu..n kt pnh name hajar...wan is my fiancee's name..hee..its ok...
btw,,mens are only planning,but Allah determine dpt blik malaysia sml..n dpt jum si comel emir....

miralatiff said...

effie: Manager aku pon dah lali with this kind of happens all the time..Rezeki Emir dpt jumpe ibu=dpt minum nenen lagi!!

Hajar: Thank you for visiting my blog..I really appreciate it..BTW, saye still ingat kamu laa!! Nana always said your name..

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