Tuesday, April 28, 2009

Where was I??

Wandering where am I going for the past few days?? what did I do during those days??

I was going for HOLIDAY in SABAH!!

He..he..he...Everything was very spontaneous..Actually my husband got an exhibition to attend that happened to be in Sabah..and since I don't have any plan to go and I'm quite free for the time being why not accompany my husband to Sabah, right??

Just for you to know, my husband has a few relatives that live in Sabah which is on his mother side..His "wan" and "tok wan" is staying in Sabah since his tok wan was serving the country and retired there...So kalau ke Sabah mestilah wajib we all stay dekat rumah wan..Rumah wan is located in Likas which near to Kota Kinabalu town..Plus wan masak sangat sedap remind me of my beloved arwah mak..rindu nyer dekat arwah mak..=(

Also joining us are my MIL and SIL..So that morning our flight was at 6 in the morning, we all woke up quite early..around 4ish in the morning..having a baby will double up my time to get ready..yelar mane nak siapkan my baby lagi nak mandi lagi..so I have to do it on one go jer..arrived at the airport around 5.30 am and terus pegi check-in..we departed to Sabah with Air Asia and knowing that Air Asia ni tak boleh lambat-lambat check-in otherwise bye-bye la..no refund ticket if you're late..nak dijadikan cerita, after we checked-in we all took breakfast dekat foodcourt..between foodcourt and departure gate is quite far which took us about 15 minutes walking distance..so agak semput jugak la berjalan kaki..okay-okay..back to the story, punya la we all asyik berborak sesambil makan nasi lemak yang sedap itu, we all pon menjeling ke arah jam..dalam hati "ooo, lagi 45 minutes sempat lagi ni.." tanpa memikirkan yang we all ni naik flight bukan naik bus, we all pon decided nak perform solat subuh dulu then baru nak pegi ke gate..tetibe one of us terpandang dekat screen yang paparkan all flight's time.."eh,flight ke Kota Kinabalu dah final call la!!" we all pon ape lagi tak sempat nak ke surau terus patah balik berlari-lari ke depature gate..tak sempat la we all nak solat subuh..ish.ish...dah la I dengan bawak baby lagi..memang Watson Nyambek pon boleh kalah kalau lumba dengan I during that time..hehehe..memang tak boleh lupe la..

Emir and I dalam plane

We arrived in Sabah around 9 in the morning and my uncle picked us up..my husband went straight to the exhibition...poor him that he couldn't get a chance to rest after 2 hours on the plane..but what to do kerja tetap kerja..

Errmm...actually intention ke Sabah bukanlah nak holiday sangat pon but more to visit our relatives and also tok wan yang dah tak berapa sihat..most of the time we stay at wan's house helping her buat kuih and kemas apa-apa yang patut..kesian jugak tengok wan..tak menang tangan, manakan nak buat kuih lagi, jaga tok wan lagi, masak lagi, kemas rumah lagi..but I kagum la dengan dia..she can do all those work without complaining penat and what not..if I was in her place tak tau la nak macam mana..by the way, wan sangat expert buat kuih traditional like kuih puteri sebilik, kuih akok, kuih koci (This is my favorite and I like it so much!! sangat sedap la wan..) and macam-macam lagi la..I think if I stay dekat rumah wan lagi lama boleh di pam-pam la jugak badan ni..hehehe..wan memang ambil tempahan kuih dekat Kota Kinabalu..most of her customer are VIPs, Hotels and restaurants..but lately ni wan kurangkan ambil order because of tok wan's condition..

During our four days in Sabah, we just went out for only one day jer..so during that 'one day' was compact with visiting our aunties and went to buy some survinour for my family back in Kuala Lumpur..We went to Philipine's market and stopped by at few stalls that sell keronsang,bracelet, necklace which made by pearl..mutiara sangat sinonim dengan Sabah kan..I don't really know how to differentiate between genuine pearl and the fake one because they really look a like..one that I knew is yang fake tu senang nak tertanggal kulit dia..does anyone know how to differentiate genuine and fake pearl?? One more thing I pon tak tau why they call it Philipine's market instead of Kota Kinabalu market ke..I guess maybe there's a lot of Philipinoes thar are working there..sempat juga I membeli Philipine's sweet mango..manis!!!

All in all, memang best sangat dapat visit Sabah, and since this year will be my hubby's turn celebrating Hari Raya with his family, he's deciding to celebrate in Sabah!! semangat sungguh mr hubby sampaikan balik jer KL terus purchased ticket sebab nak ticket murah..I just pray that I can balik raya for this year..I will work on it since this year is the first Hari Raya with Emir Faiz..Ibu will berusaha dapatkan cuti for you!!

Okaylah..Emir dah nangis tu nak susu..panjang pulak entry kali ni..hee...pen off..

Qoute of the day : Especially with children, smal things wear the garments of greatness. The little words "I love you" and "I'm sorry" enrich both the giver and receiver.


yusrizal said...

emir faiz sangat comel...

mieraaj said...

waaa...bes r ade wan and tok wan kt sabah..aku angau kt sabah r mira since ak p sn last month...rindu~
huhu..nk souvenir weyh..ko tk p tamu gaya ke??kt sn lagi murah compared ngn kt philipino market tu..

miralatiff said...

miera: aku x sempat nak berjalan2 sangat sebab husband aku keje and aku pon x expert sangat jalan2 kat KK..next time boleh plan betul2 and more place to go..

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