Thursday, April 2, 2009

it's time to back to work!!

Lame sungguh saye cuti!

Ermm..i think it's time to get back to work..selame 6 months I'm on my maternity leave a lot of things have grandmother passed away..I've got Emir Faiz..I've got a chance to eat a lot (does it count?! hehe)..macam-macam laa...panjang pulak nak cerite nanti..

Kalau dah cuti lame tu mesti la rase malas sgt2 nak berkeje..lagi2 bile dah ade Emir Faiz ni..I can't believe that I'm going to leave him..sedih!!..banyak sangat bende dah lupe and need to be revise..6 bulan tinggalkan keje...aishh..rase lain macam's like moving out to another world!!..mesti kekok giler nak pegang spanner, screw and all those things..

For those who don't have any idea where I'm going..I will be going to Libya..yes..I'm working there..As what my friend said, weather in Libya it's quite hot nowadays..abes la my skin..will come back tanned..errmm hopefully Emir will recognize me when I get back home..I'll be more regret if he doesn't recognize me when i came back next time..huhuhuhu...

Talking about work..I believe most people will question what type of work I'm involved in..basically my company is not oil company offers services to oil company like Shell, Petronas, Petrobras, Total and the list goes on..Services like drilling, well completion, well testing and many more...okayla..enough about work..

Arrghhh..I haven't packed anything yet...malas sungguh!!

okay people..see ya in next entry..

With my colleagues

Inilah akibat kalo dah lame sangat duduk kat rig

Play with fire..


effie said...

selamat bekerja babe..
cam ner na apply kat company kau tue ek??

Aida Narina said...

Alaaa, baby emir nak kene tinggal ngan mama. Takpela, its all bcos of work, and u r just doing ur responsibility :)

Nanti kene rajin blogging jugak tau wpon dh kerja balik! ;pp
Take care darling!

Wan 2 juz,cik CT wan kembang said...

brape lame kt sne??

miralatiff said...

effie: Thanx babe..BTW, ko ker yang nak mintak keje ni??=)..go to and follow the instructions..

Aida: For sure..blogging is one way for me to share what I feel and whatever cross my mind..=)

Wan: Normally I'll go for 2 months..

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