Saturday, March 7, 2009

American Idol is back!! favorite reality TV show is back!! I can't wait to watch the wild card concert tonight!! I really hope Anoop can get in top 12!! I really like his voice..Am so glad that Scott Macintyre has got through the top 12 last night..pheww!! I really like to hear his voice..remind me of Ronan Keating. It would be much more nicer when he's singing while playing his keyboard!!

Oohh..I like Danny Gokey too!! His voice is superb!!

How I wish that Malaysia's reality show will be like American Idol...yang kene singkir pon suare sedap giler..Malaysia punye reality show ni byk drama jer..menyanyi ntah ke mane..sedih giler tgk Malaysia punyer reality show kan...


Actually kat US dah show this concert..In fact they already knew who are chosen to be in top No no..this time top 13!! Yes..the American Idol 2009 will be having 13 finalist!!

Anoop is joining the top 13!! me likey!!


Aida Narina said...

Mira!! I pun sukaaaa tgk. Smlm i tgk the last wildcat-round. Will definitely watch the first concert ;p

p/s: Thanks Mira for the unfo on Nuffnang ads. I dah berjaya, yeay! :)

miralatiff said... kan American Idol season ni!! Mira pon x sabar nak tgk first concert next week..

No problem..mira pon try and error jer..

Anonymous said...

tak ku sangka mira minat American Idol..hehehe...

but the bad is I cannot see the consert for this season maa...takde tv la pulak...huhuhu...

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