Saturday, March 28, 2009

Heavenly Chocolate!!

Past few days, my husband wanted to send his watch to service center located at Menara Pan Global. We decided to take monorail since we were out from home almost 4 o'clock in the evening. Well, as you know massive traffic jammed in Kuala Lumpur will swing your mood away. Before that my husband had made some browsing regarding the road that we should headed and which station should we stop because bring Emir Faiz with us is not that easy plus with the crowd of people. According to my husband, we should stop at station Bukit Nanas but when we arrived it seems that we need to walk quite very far to reach that place and the weather was quite hot. Kesian pulak kat Emir Faiz. We walk a little to Pavillion in spite of walking quite far to Menara Pan Global.

That was my first time going to Pavillion. My husband has been here before. I was quite excited and happy in the same time because maybe I could make some shopping. But regardless of buying my stuff, I ended up buying Emir Faiz some cloths..*sigh*..Actually shopping dekat Pavillion is quite expensive juge..Emir Faiz punye pon I beli yang sale jer..

See..Emir punyer semua ni..Ibu punyer takde pon..

After walking and window shopping, we had our tea break or should I called chocolate break instead?~~ at Theobroma Chocolate Lounge!! The heaven of chocolate!!

Originating from Australia, Theobrama Chocolate Lounge made its debut in Malaysia by opening its first outlet in 1 Utama, followed by another outlet in Pavilion KL. As its name suggested, its signature product is nothing else but chocolates.

Looking at the menu, it has a huge range of chocolate filled, chocolate made and with chocolate products for you to choose from, while you chill out with your friends. Of course, you have the chocolate fondue thingy too, served with four different types of fruits to go along with the thick chocolate. As for the drinks, its nothing but chocolate-related.

I had Princess of Iceland, basically blended chocolate with chocolate shavings and powders and also chocolate ice cream on top of it. The side of the glasses are “decorated” with thick chocolate as well. We also had the chocolate fondue serve with four type of fruits, kiwi, strawberry, banana and orange. Soooo chocolate!!

Princess of Iceland

My hubby had this but I forgot the name for this drink..Its mocha something2..but I like the way they present the drink to us..

Chocolate Fondue with Strawberry, Banana, Kiwi and Orange

If you wish to come to this place make sure you already take your lunch/dinner because your appetite for the day might just go down the drain after that. I felt really bloated and my tongue was kind of numb after I left the place.

Pussycat Dolls has been here before..

The place itself is really nice to sit down and talk some craps with your friends over a good cup of coffee or chocolate. Generally, it was still a pleasant experience in Theobroma Chocolate Lounge.


Aida Narina said...

Mira...The Princess of Iceland looks yummy. Balik msia ni i mesti nak pergiii ;p (Banyak tmpt i nak pergi balik nanti act! ;p)

Is it in Pavilion the Theobrama Chocolate Lounge?

miralatiff said...

A'ah..Theobrama Chocolate lounge ade dekat Pavillion and also One Utama..Try la..price range pon agak reasonable jugak..looks like you have a long list of places need to go!!

yusrizal said...

byk nye cokelat.....

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