Thursday, March 26, 2009

Juicy Shrimp!!

Have you ever taste a very juicy shrimps?? Well, if you don't you can come to Bubba Gump Shrimp Co Restaurant & Market!!

Food is the hero at Bubba Gump Shrimp. They serve food that will make us wanna come again!! Their menu of course, features shrimp. But they also serve the best rib in town. So last few days me and my husband and of course with Emir went to Sunway Pyramid to buy some stuffs. We were always having a problem to select which restaurant each time we are at Sunway Pyramid. Not because it doesn't have Halal Food but because there's too many restaurant that offers good food!! While we're walking, I saw this very unique restaurant and I feel very tempting to step in. My husband said why not we have a try!!

The environment is so cozy and make you feel that you're not in shopping mall..We feel like we're near to the sea..seriously!! They have a very good services and all the waiters are very friendly..They have this some kind like sign board on the table which use for calling the waiter..if you decide to call the waiter you just need to flip the board which stated "Stop Forrest Stop" and when you've done with the waiter, the waiter will flip it back to "Run Forrest Run"..So we don't have to call the waiter which will may or may not distract other customers enjoying their food..You may have thought why they use the word "Forrest" here. Actually this restaurant is inspired by the 1994 Film Forrest Gump. Loads of Forrest Gump memorabilia is displayed on the walls, tables and everywhere else. On the table, you get a metal bucket with condiments and there's a ping pong bat with a menu. I found the ping pong bat amusing, since they attached a long chain to keep it from "walking away". =)

Talking about food, I had a Bucket of Boat Trash. It is served in quite a big portion which contains shrimps, lobster, fish fried and breaded and some home made chips and with lemon juicy dip. I chose Speckeled Strawberry for my drink..My hubby chose Bourbon Street Baramundi which is served with mashed potato (sangat sedap!!) and for drink he chose Jenny's Favorite. BTW, Baramundi is a type of fish...not to mention that the shrimps is so tasty!!

The Ping Pong Menu

Speckeled Strawberry

Bucket of Boat Trash..Full of shrimps and lobster..yummy!!

Bourbon Street Baramundi and Jenny's Favorite

Emir pon nak makan jugak..I'm breastfeeding Emir..

Emir and Ayah

Emir and Ibu..nak jugak tangkap gambar ngan Emir..

I would highly recommend you guys to come to Bubba Gump Shrimp..It has another branch located at The Curve..Lets Bubba Gump!!


Aida Narina said...

Okay yang ni pun i nak try jugak!!!

I don't actually spend my holiday eating out or shopping since i always have a short summer holiday (usually 2 months working in UK, 1 month balik Msia). And, plus my mum is currently living in Neg Sembilan and grandma in Melaka, thus there's not many choices for good food (except ikan bakar umbai!). But, a weekend trip to the big city will be a good plan. I can eat all of the good food in one go/weekend ;pp


miralatiff said...

This one you should try!! memang best tau tpt ni..I'm sure Aida mesti rambang mate and do not know what to choose when you look at the menu..

Mira pon suke makan ikan bakar Umbai jugak!!

Bile Aida nak balik malaysia??

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