Monday, March 30, 2009

Love Letter

To my dear husband Luqman Hakeem,

It has been a year since we got married..How time flies..I feel like I just met you yesterday..
There's a lot of things we've been through together..I remember the very first time I saw you..You were wearing a blue shirt and you told me you just bought that shirt purposely for the occasion to meet me..I'm so honored when you said that..and I feel like I'm in love at the first sight..=)..You're the person who can make my heart beat like crazy...Alhamdulillah after 3 years meeting you, now I'm officially your wife and a mother to your kids..

I'm so blessed we've got Emir Faiz to celebrate our first anniversary this year. I hope our love will become more stronger and may Allah bless our love forever..InsyaAllah..Sayang, I love you so much..I hope our love will remain forever..

"Happy Anniversary Sayang!!"

During our wedding last year on 30th March 2008..

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