Tuesday, December 2, 2008

Bile mr hubby dah start complain..

Yesterday night I went to Alamanda with my hubby's sisters and brothers..Since they have been at my house for more than a week, I've decided to buy them a nice dinner (sebab I sangat malas nak masak plus I was craving for Johnny's Tom yam beehoon).My hubby didn't join us because he's busy playing PS3 *sigh*...

So after we had our dinner, we walked and stopped at NIKE outlet..I've spotted one white shirt which is so simple, white and really my hubby type..plus it's so murah!!! Then I remembered my husband once complain that I always wore his t-shirt due to I could not fit almost of my t-shirt anymore!! (It's not because I'm getting fat okay...because my belly is getting bigger!!!)..He complained that I would stretch his shirt which I don't care at all..Nak buat macam mane kan..only his shirt yang comfortable for me for now..hehehe

Hasil penangkapan di Alamanda

My hubby is so happy when I gave that t-shirt to him..I got a kiss from him..yeay!!


effie said...

kalau aku majok ngan kau dapat baju jugak tak???

miralatiff said...

ko dpt tgk gambar baju baru jer la..hikhikhik

effie said...

hampeh tol..
ish ish..
tapi tak pe..
tgk pix dulu..
aku balik msia aku tuntut laa..

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