Saturday, December 6, 2008

Meet my shopping mate..:)

Yeah..I meet my dear shopping friend TOON!!! I really miss her...

Toon is my colleague + my ex-coursemate + my shopping mate..I met her when I was having a training course in France..I remembered the very first time we had a conversation, it was like no full stop!! We really click to each other..Shopping is her passion and so do I!! That's why we can get in together so quickly...She's from Thailand but she's working in Yangon, Myanmar.

Me, Toon and Nurul

Last Sunday she made a surprise call..I taught she was a stranger who got the wrong number..Then I was speaking Malay to her..The moment I recognized her voice when she said "Hey speak english!! (in her way of course)..I was screaming that I wasn't expect to have a call from her..She informed me that she's in Malaysia. She came down here to meet her boyfriend and to meet me!! I'm honored!!

While eating at Sudanese..That big box is a give from Toon to my baby..You are so nice Toon!!

I found this at KLCC elevator..the answer to this question..Don't go to the rig!! It's like hell..Trust me..hehehe

So cute!!..From Toon for my precious one..

So we meet up at KLCC. There's another two friends also joined us since they knew Toon from job which they went together..We all together had dinner at Sudanese..The foods were so good and Toon also like it very much... But the meeting was so short because she has to catch a flight to Singapore that night..After all I really glad that you're here Toon...Really miss the moment when we were in Paris...

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