Tuesday, December 9, 2008

My Happy Day..there's a story behind it..jeng..jeng..

Today I went to Sunway Pyramid with my husband...My husband ponteng kerje sebab kepenatan driving semalam..tapi die boleh pulak teman me pegi Sunway Pyramid..hehehe..So since we are going to Sunway Pyramid we decided to buy a baby cot and baby tub..

At first we did a survey at Anakku outlet..Anakku has a lot of choices for baby cot with reasonable price and quite fancy..I prefer wooden baby cot..because it looks classic and I could use it for a long time until my baby reach 1 year old..Unfortunately Anakku doesn't have what I wanted...Then we walked to Jusco..We went straight to baby department then there's one baby cot catch my eyes..It's made by wood, white color, not that bulky and very classic..I asked my husband and he also agreed with it..in the same time my baby also kicking from inside (macam happy jer nak dapat baby cot tu)..I also found baby tub..I've never thought that baby tub could be that expensive!!..I mean I was expecting baby tub price is around RM20-Rm30...but most of baby tub I found, the prices were like RM70 and above!! By the way we did buy that baby tub and that baby cot..yeay!!

After that kiteorang jalan2 tawaf Sunway Pyramid..I stopped by kat MAC to buy foundation stick since the one I had is almost finish..Sesambil tu sempat juge saye merembat MAC Skin Refresher...MAC Skin Refresher is a soothing moisture mist that refreshes the skin and finishes makeup..This is first time I bought this Skin Refresher since mase my wedding mak andam yang make-up me was using MAC skin refresher and the result was my skin become more fairer and the make-up looks more natural..

MAC Skin Refresher and Brume Fixante

MAC Studio Foudation SPF 15

Today I also got one parcel from POS Laju..hehe..I bought 2 tops and one dress from this Website..This website also offers nice dress for Muslimah and all dresses are really chick and modern..I think those tops are so cute and I also can wear it after I deliver my baby..Plus the price is quite cheap..

2-faces Top in Black

2-faces top in Pink

Plaid Pinafore Dress


effie said...

best nyer kau pg shopping..
aku jeles..
murah ek?
sekarang tgh sale ker?

miralatiff said...

A'ah..tgh sale..tapi brg xde la murah mane pon..Terase nak pegi Singapore..I heard Christmas sale is like heaven!!!Jom Efi!!!

Nurhayati said...

suka kaler pink to da max.. =)

effie said...

jom laaa kot..
tapi aku na shopping kat uk..
kat kiev ader few things pun da murah kot..
tapi tak de yang menarik hati nie..

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