Wednesday, December 3, 2008

I really need a new Wallet..

I've been using my Zara Wallet for almost a year (I bought in Paris when I had a course there)..I like this wallet because it has more compartment for cards (I have a lot of card ade satu jer yang lain2 cam Jusco card, Tesco card etc) and coin compartment plus I can put my passport in it. So I'm looking for new wallet which has more less the same criteria as my Zara Wallet which I'm using now.

So I've been aiming for several wallets and these two really catch my eyes..drooolllllll.....

  • Monogram Vernis, slighty embossed leather, calf lining and golden brass pieces
  • Zipper closure
  • Eight slots for credit cards
  • Open compartment for small change
  • Three large compartments with gussets for papers and passport
  • Two inside patch pockets on both side
and this one...

Gucci Continental wallet beige/ebony GG fabric with dark brown leather trim

Continental wallet with gucci engraved metal plate, snap closure, seven card slots, bill compartment, and coin pocket .beige/ebony GG fabric with dark brown leather trim/interior and silver hardware.

For me I prefer the first one but you know the price really killing me..ermmm...what a hard decision to make...


effie said...

criteria yang aku cari jugak..
tapi aku da jumper..
but it is kinda bigger laa kot..
tapi blh ltk 2 passports..
(aku kene carry 2 passports)
tapi bukan zara laaa..
kalau kau tau parfois..
nak ke?
aku blh tolong belikan..
kau balik libya tak?

miralatiff said...

efi..after conversion to RM berape ko beli wallet parfois tu??

effie said...

ntah laaa..
tak laa mahal sangat..
30 dollars je laa masa aku beli tu..
murah kan..
kalau zara kat sini mahal skit..

fahadaina said...

aku baru tau ko pregnant weh~
gile hebat~ hahaha
tahniah tahniah~

miralatiff said...

efi:mmg murah la 30 dollar..ZARA kat paris sgt murah!!aku beli aku nyer wallet mase winter sale..lagi la heaven kan..skang ni winter kat tpt ko mesti lagi meriah ngan sale2!!

Fahadaina: Thanx nana!! So dah tau apelagi sile la beli kan presie utk anak aku eh aunty nana...

Anonymous said...

meera..letak la chatbox...senang nk msg ko..hehe

mieraaj said...

haah mira...alang2 rmai nk borak kt blog ko ni..bek ko letak chatbox...hamboih ampa be2 ni...maen syoping dollar2 je...

miralatiff said...

akan ku usehe kan yer kengkawan utk letak chatbox kat blog ni..

effie said...

shopping is their thang..
kan kan..
dont tell me u dont do shopping..
let me remind u to an event..
r a h i m i..
hasmiera n mira latif..i miss u both..

miralatiff said...

efi..sgt setuju dgn ko!! Shopping is become of of my passion now and forever..hehehe..miss u too efi bucuk!!

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