Tuesday, December 16, 2008

Futsal Tournament

My husband really loves to play futsal..The other day he registered to join a tournament organized by Olak Lempik Sport Center located closed to KLIA...It wasn't a first time for my husband to join a tournament like this..Even thou he knew there's quite impossible to be a first prize winner but the enthusiasm spirit in him that made me proud..A day before the tournament he and his brothers and sisters and also me did some fitness to be ready for the next day tournament..At first I wonder if I could follow them because of my condition (8 months pregnancy) but when I think again it's actually a good exercise for me and maybe it could help me in labor later..Instead of jogging I was walking around the park..So that nice evening we went to Putrajaya recreation park..The park is so beautiful and you can see a nice view of Putrajaya from there...

My husband and his brothers did warming down after one round jog...

Aksi lompat bintang...seronok sangat la tu..

On that big day, we all woke up early because we need to register before 9 a.m....I made some breakfast for them and we all together drove to Olak Lempik..We arrived there around 8.00 a.m..We thought we were quite early but surprisingly there's a lot of people came earlier than us..So after registered we searched for a spot for us to sit and put our bags..Owhh..I forgot to tell you guys that they named their team after my name..hehehe...I'm honored!!

During the competition but the team played in court wasn't our team..

Basically in the competition like this we are divided in group..In each group has like 3-4 groups depending how many teams register in this competition..So in our case we are in Group K which has 3 groups in it...We had to played with these team to determine which team is the winner of the team and qualified to play in the next level...We are so lucky to be a winner of the group but unfortunately we lost in the first game for the next level...hmm..what to do takde rezeki la..Never mind we play for fun!!!

We are the winner of the group..yeay!!

We went back home at 5 p.m. and everybody were so tired and happy..We end up slept when we reached home...Majulah sukan untuk negara!!


effie said...

setelah berbaby.
nie laaa entry kau yang pertama..

miralatiff said...

Aku busy ler efi...bile nak type entry baru ade jer hal lain..hehe

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