Saturday, July 3, 2010

Black is beautiful

The first day I arrived in Port Harcourt last Saturday, I've got invited to a fashion show event held in the camp which I'm staying..When my colleague told me there will be a fashion show in my camp, I asked her again if she just said a fashion show and she said YES..a fashion show?? in the camp?? small voice in me was wandering..takkan la Coco Chanel or Christian Dior nak buat fashion show kat sini pulak kan..memang tak logic la tu..So, there was me, still wandering and yet excited to see the "Fashion Show"...

Lepas I siap² solat maghrib, my housemate and I pon pergi la ke tempat kejadian..The event was happened in the open area next to the swimming located in the camp..When I arrived the event already started...So, as what I expected the fashion show tu biasa² jer..tak la grand mana pon but enough to entertain us yang memang definitely tak boleh keluar from the for me I tak la amused sangat dengan fashion show tu but I did enjoy myself sebab dapat jumpa my fellow colleague after 4 weeks on days off..dapat la catch up latest activities that were evolved while I was away..
Seriously, who dare to wear a dress like this?

Men population compared to women in our camp is a big different..women is a minority and to be exact we have only 6 expat female employees in the camp...and I am not really sure the exact number of peoples who are living the camp but I can surely tell you that almost 94% of them are guy..So you can imagine how happy they are to attend this so called "fashion show" event..I can see that they were really feast themselves especially their eyes with the model..guy is always be a guy kan..

The fashion show was held by a student in one of institution in Port Harcourt for fund raising..I have been told that they designed all clothes by themselves and they become the model too!! Most of them memang ber'getah' lagi la and they are really beautiful in their own way...After the fashion show ended, they came to us to promote the cloth in the hope that we will buy them..Sorry la dik akak ni badan dah banyak spare tayar so memang takleh la nak bergaya dengan baju² tu..lagipon most of the cloth are too sexy for me to wear..menangis abang² Nigeria kat sini bila tengok I pakai nanti..=p

Lepas fashion show tu habis mamat-mamat kat sini pon bukak dance floor dekat situ pastu ajak budak² student ni menari sekali..I tengok jer la..tak reti sangat nak belly dancing menari² ni..terpeleot pinggang akak nanti...sekali sekala untuk tatapan suami tercinta ade la..oppss *censored*

Kemain ligat orang tua ni menari....

I was adjourned from the event quite early sebab sangat letih after a long trip from Lagos to Port Harcourt..So balik rumah mandi² then zzzZZZZZzzzzzzzzzz......

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