Friday, July 2, 2010

braziL with the Capital L

World cup this year turned out with full of surprises!! it wil be more as World cup reach final and we just need to wait and keep watching...

First round we can see Italy was out and not qualify for the second round..France pon sama jugak..even more surprise when one of France player was sent home because ade conflict between manager ngan player tu..

Second round was a bit dramatic, when South Korea was beaten by Uruguay..lepas game, most of the fan were crying..Mana tak nangis nyer, they lost because of penalty score..dah main penat 90 minutes plus 30 minutes extra time then suddenly kalah sebab penalty..kesian..England pon tak menunjukkan performance yang memberangsangkan..As a wife to a die-hard-fan England supporter, I am a bit husband tak yah citer la sampai nak bakar jersey England, boleh?? such a drama king betol encik suamiku..

The first quarter final game brought a huge disappointment to Brazil when they dumped by Dutch 2-1..memang unexpected betul! I know most of you including me thought Brazil will get through but guys..we were wrong!! Blame must goes to Felipe Melo when he blatantly and petulantly stamped on Robben and was dismissed by earning a red card..of course la motivation player Brazil dah down kan..then Dutch just take advantage on that la..I also think Brazil underestimated Dutch resulted their losses..Poor Brazil..Try again in the next 4 years eh..

Well done Oranje!

My friend even made a joke about the game by putting on his FB status,

Petrobras (Brazil) 1 - 2 Shell (Dutch) Petronas memang out of the league la kan...

Okay..sekian saje laporan sukan dari saya from Nigeria..=P

Can't wait to watch game between Ghana VS Uruguay tonight....but tetibe manager call for urgent meeting plak..demn...hopefully meeting tak lame and I could catch the game...

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