Friday, June 25, 2010

Bon au revoir Malaysia!

I calculated in one year, I travel with plane more than 10 times..and that number only includes traveling to and fro for work..If I count flying for vacations it will double the number..memang leh jadi lagi kaya owner Emirates dengan AirAsia...KLIA and Dubai international airport memang dah jadi macam my second home..To tell you the truth, after certain times I feel tired of flying here and there especially for a long distance flight..

And now again, for a countless time I am again packing my luggage and travel mencari rezeki in another part of the world..

I supposed to come back to work last week on 20th June, and 2 days before the date I was actually hoping that my manager will send email to me asking me to stay for another one week..I don't know why I feel like 3 weeks days off I had is too short..I feel like I am not ready to come back to work..I feel like I still don't get enough rest after 6 weeks working everyday..Erkk..actually that's what I felt each time I reached the end of my days off..:p

If you really wish for something and you are sincerely praying to Allah to help you, InsyaAllah your wish will be granted..You know what, a day before the date I should fly back to Nigeria, I got a call from my manager..He asking me to stay for another one week!!! Apparently, the job that I have supposedly to go is delayed..I was so extremely happy!!

Then again, now I feel the same like what I felt last week..*sigh* Being a human, bagi betis nak peha..

I felt so lazy to pack my luggage and decided to wait until football match between England VS Slovenia ended. It was indeed a very tense match to watch as both team has potential to go to second round. Since England had shown a very so-so performance in the last two games, they have by hook or by crook to win this game with victory. Emir was sleeping through out the game and woke up just 10 minutes before the game ended. My house turned out like a mini stadium since my FIL and my four BIL were staying at our house to watch the match together...

Okay back to my 'pack-the-luggage' story..Emir was awake after almost 4 hours sleep and there's no way he will come back to sleep in just a minute. The time was showing 12 o'clock and I'd already started packing half way. This time around, my luggage is loaded with foods and bahan-bahan nak masak since Ramadhan will come very soon. I need to get myself ready especially to fulfill my stomach desires during Ramadhan..Mind you, I don't have Bazaar Ramadhan in Nigeria tau and there's only few guys yang rarely I can get foods that can memenuhi nafsu makanku reach my liking..hihihi

So this little guy was so generous enough to help me to pack my stuffs...After few attempts sending him to his father back and forth and he was crying his lung out each time I was out from his sight, I was finally letting him to assist me..But instead of putting things inside the luggage he threw all my things that I put in before out the luggage..I guess he doesn't want me to leave him again..


.......or maybe....

He was trying to fit in it!

He finally made it! He lied down in the luggage and his face expression saying "Perhaps Ibu could bring me along..."

Can't stop myself smiling looking at the last picture..I didn't expect he could threw everything out and actually had an idea of lying down inside of the luggage..after all he just 1 year 5 months old!


Madam Sooyaree said...

comel nye emir!

i feel u woman! traveling can be reaaalllyyy tiring, tapi lama2 rasa cam dah immune. beli la bose weh, mmg value for money. try having 2 diff family in 2 opposite side of the world, kerja di tengah2. hahaha... tu la perasaan aku dulu! :P

miralatiff said...

Madam Soyaree: kannn???...memang sangat's too late la babe..aku dah jadi mak orang dah pon..oppsss..

Liyana said...

Hubby used to this kind of work, tapi now ni dah tak byk travel. Penattt! I pun ulang alik to another part of the world sebab my other half kat tanah air. Sebenarnya penat nak gi airport-tunggu check in- boarding...

I link your blog ya. thanks.

miralatiff said...

Hi Liyana...

Tular waiting is really tiring..Plus kalau kena transit hour yang panjang memang x suke betul la..First-second time memang excited but after awhile dah naik muak nak naik plane..

Your new house sangat cantik..

BTW, thank you for dropping by!!

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