Wednesday, June 9, 2010

I wish I had an extra super power!

I want to thank Ida for this honorable award given to me and I personally think that all mothers in the world are SUPERMOM!

Why I said that:

1) From the moment you know that you are pregnant, you slowly start to sacrifice yourself with all morning sickness, heartburn, berat badan naik mendadak, your feet rapidly becoming a-giant-feet, and the list goes on and on.....
2) In the labor room, fighting for your life to deliver your cute little bundle of joy..
3) Not to mention, adventures that you have to face everyday through out your life as a mother to raise your kids...that is even more challenging huh?

Plus being a working mom, I really need that extra superpower! and also extra TIME!

But above all that, there's nothing can describe how you feel when you know that all your kids are successfully growing up happy and healthy..I can't believe that I've been a mom for almost 1 year and 5 time flies and I really enjoy every bit of it!

I would like to devote this award to:

1) Azie Mommy Mya
2) Murni PG
3) Dayang Mummylicious
4) Lizzie Mummy Aiden
5) Iza The Pink Stilettos
6) Nurul Madam Soyaree - My husband is American :P
7) Ibu Arifa
8) Kak Munirah -The Triplet plus One
9) Kak CT BlackCardomompods

and last but not least........

10) To all mothers in the world!


Madam Sooyaree said...

hewah... my husband is american ye, hehehe

iskh, berdebar pulak ku menghitung hari

miralatiff said...

Madam soyaree..I doakan semua nyer selamat..tak sabar nak tengok your mix-malay-american baby...:p

Mummylicious said...

hahaha thank you. me supermama-malas ada la.

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