Wednesday, June 2, 2010

Safely arrived!

Hi guys!

Ohh I miss blogging so much!..baru jer few days tak blogging dah termimpi2..=)

Good news is I am safely arrived in Malaysia tanah airku! My flight was on last Saturday night and I arrived in Malaysia on Sunday night..almost 14 hours flight plus 3 hours transit in Dubai really made me exhausted!! I slept most of the time on the plane and woke up during meal time..tu pon stewardess yang woke me up..

Nothing can describe how I felt the moment I saw my son...I almost drop my tears..but managed to hold my feeling..Emir was smiling when he sees me..I know that he missed me! After I took him from my husband and he was clinging to me the whole way to our house from the airport until he fell asleep..

My days off this time is very short..I have 3 weeks to juggle a lot of things besides spending quality time with my prince(s) - hubby and my son..=)

My second day at home, I went out to meet the landlord of the house that we bought to discuss some of stuffs then we headed to my parents house..My parents was so surprised to see me suddenly showing up at their house..Because I told them that I will come back next week..Ala2 nak surprisekan my parents la konon2 nyer..I felt regret thou sebab if I informed earlier my mom sure masak sedap2 nyer! We ended up beli makanan dekat pasar malam..=(

So people..I miss you all too...Can't wait to terjah your blog...adding up to my 'things-to-do' list!

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