Sunday, June 6, 2010

Thailand's Cowboy??

My first thought before I entered this restaurant was "It's just another typical Coffee Shop and served western foods.." Being me, I more prefer to eat rice and lauk2 during lunch and this restaurant not really up to my liking..Then my husband insisted to check the menu displayed in front of the restaurant..I was surprised to discover that they are not only serving coffee and typical western food but there's also eastern food like fried rice and various kind of noodles. I was suddenly changed my mind and said to my husband "okay, lets give it a try!" The main reason just simply they also served Tom Yum Goong (my favorite!)..

Black Canyon is originated from Thailand (that's explained why they served Tom Yum) and was established in 1993. Other than their famous coffee, Black Canyon also offers an extensive food menu combines Western and Eastern favorites like fried rice and noodles and also Thai specialties tom yum, som tam etc. Black Canyon has few franchised open in Malaysia too! The one that I visited is in Alamanda, Putrajaya.

As the name clearly stated "Black Canyon Coffee", Black Canyon's excellent reputation is based on serving coffees of the highest quality, with the best aroma and taste, made from 100% fresh coffee beans imported from around the world, as well as those grown in Thailand under Royal patronage.

Because I insisted to eat rice, we opted white rice and some lauk2 along with it. Fried chicken with cashew nut and stuff omelet..Yum yum!

Tadaaa! My all time favorite 'Tom Yum Goong'..So sedappppppp! Like the one I tasted in Bangkok during my last trip there. Makan sampai licin I hirup kuah tu..

The drink was not that bad thou..I had a tough time to decide which drink I wanted to order. I was like "eh nak yang ni la..jap2 tukar yang ni la.." hehe my husband tengok pon geleng kepala..At first I wanted to tasted their coffee then I changed to Tropical tea sebab tengok dalam menu and sangat tempting..For hubby Black Canyon Iced Coffee..Dapat la jugak rasa coffee kat situ..

For this little boy, I packed homemade porridge..He was attempting to suap sendiri but banyak yang spilled compared to yang masuk dalam mulut..He almost poked his nose dengan plastic fork tu..*Sigh*

In the end ayah took over to feed this little rascal..Tu pon menjerit2 nak pegang spoon sendiri..

Out of ten I can give 8.5 to Black Canyon Coffee..Price range is so reasonable and I would definitely come to eat here again! Suddenly terasa lapar while typing this entry..=P

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