Monday, June 21, 2010

A man whom we called "Abah-Ayah-Daddy-Bapak-Abi"

Being a father has never been easier I would say.

As a father....

.....he has to set himself to be a role model to all of his kids.
.....he has to sacrifice a lot to provide the best for his children.
.....he has to put his kids' wants and needs ahead from his own.

To my Abah,

Thank You for being the best father to all of us! I know you have sacrifice a lot to give us the best as you could. Thank You for being there when we really need your help. We love you so much!!

To my husband and my father-in-law,

You guys are the greatest dad ever!

A true dad is hard to come by, but a truly special thing.

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