Thursday, June 3, 2010

Toddler Activity : Coloring

Coloring session is more than just fun activity! Coloring is a great fine motor activity for young children. It strengthens the small muscles in their hands and improves their eye-hand coordination. When the kid holds the pencil to draw or colour, his pincer point is strengthened as well. Most important is Emir and I could both enjoy doing this activity together.

"Activities that involve colors have the power to develop and influence those abilities in children. When children take part in such activities, both the right and left part of the brain is being exercised. What does this do? It helps strengthen and develop creative thinking in children. This is a good approach to developing the child’s innate character.

Colouring activity has immense potential in the development of both the right and the left brain as it requires the help from both the hemispheres of the brain. Why? This is because colouring activity requires thoughts and coordination. Development and provision of life to thoughts is the job of the right brain while the hand eye co-ordination required to get a picture on the paper of to provide colour to the picture needs to be guided by the left brain"*Source*

I bought a coloring book and a set of color marker for Emir during our trip to Kinokuniya the other day. Initially, the coloring book was used to occupied him while we were having lunch but up to my surprise Emir seems to enjoy it so much!

Each time I hold the coloring book and color marker Emir will clap his hand excitedly and pull my hand so that I can sit beside him and join him together. I once tried to hide the coloring book and the marker away from him and Emir ended up crying out loud like someone had pinched him hard.

Most of mothers must be worried if their children started to extend their creativity to wall or sofa or even sometimes children accidentally mark themselves or their clothes while they draw and color. You, moms don't have to worry no more with Crayola Washable marker and crayon. I chose Crayola Washable Marker for Emir. It comes completely off clothes and skin and you can easily swipe any mark right off walls with sponge. Senang kan??

Price range - a bit expensive but I think it's really worth buying rather than you need to re-paint your wall or change your sofa, right?

'Don't disturb me Ibu! I'm busy coloring my book'....Sampai berkerut2 dahi tu..bersungguh betul!

Hasil creativity Emir..

Okay Ibu..I am tired..Can I just lay down for a moment?

Coloring is a great past time for kids of all ages. Sit down and color with your children sometime. You just might find that you still enjoy it too!

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