Friday, May 21, 2010

Emir is officially becoming a toddler!

Up to date, Emir has turned 1 year 4 months old *yeay!*..I know it's a bit late to blog about this...Well, we celebrated Emir's first birthday twice because on the exact date of Emir's birthday I was not physically in Malaysia. So haruslah sambut sekali lagi. Story pasal birthday celebration Emir I will update in next entry, because I forgot to transfer all pictures on Emir's birthday from husband's laptop. *sigh*

Alhamdulillah Emir's officially becoming a toddler now!! *clap*clap*clap* Nothing can described how happy I am to see my son growing healthily even thou I am not always around him all the time. Deep down in my heart I know that Emir knows I always think of him and loves him.

Let's see Emir's progressions as we speak:
  • Alhamdulillah...Emir walked his first independent steps on February,2010. A week after I arrived in Malaysia.*yeay* Actually before that, Emir dah boleh jalan sikit-sikit but he needed us to coax him while he walks. But now Emir dah boleh jalan on his own!
  • He can say 'Naakkk' towards everything he desires simultaneously pointing his finger to what he wanted. If he declined on something he sometimes says 'anakkkkk'..Lebih kurang macam 'tak nak' la bunyi nya..
  • He understands the meaning of kiss, when I ask him to kiss me, he will lean towards me and kiss my cheek. But this is very much dependent on his mood.
  • Character wise, I would say Emir is quite a friendly boy..He has never been afraid to strangers!!..There's one time we went out for dinner, Emir suddenly waving his hand to budak yang duduk sebelah meja we all sambil cakap2 in his baby-language..macam nak ajak budak tu berkawan dengan dia..
  • Emir has quite a bad temper sometimes. If he wants something, not only would he want it regardless of whether you allow it or not, he wants it immediately.
  • Emir like sharing things with others. Tak kedekut. If you asked him "Emir nak sikit" he will come to you and give to you whatever in his hand at that time. Good boy..
  • Emir sangat banyak makan sekarang..He can finish up one bowl of porridge in one go jer!! Susu pon dah kurang minum..He loves drinking water! Kalau pergi mana2 kena make sure bawak his water bottle.
  • He's so active nowadays. Tak boleh duduk diam. The moment he wakes up from sleep, he will play sampai la dia tidur balik.
  • He will raise his hand each time I said "Siapa Emir Faiz angkat tangan!"
  • Emir now has 8 teeth all together *yeay!*..always waking up his ayah by biting ayah's nose. hehehe
  • Emir started to show his interest towards reading. Bila dah bosan Emir suka jugak gigit buku dia..ishh..ishh
  • He loves watching advertisement and not to forget Upin Ipin, each time nampak advertisement or Upin Ipin on TV he will immediately stop playing and focus on TV then after that sambung balik main.
  • Unlike me, he likes cat. Pantang nampak kucing nak pegang. Each time he sees cat he will says 'cinngggg'..kucing la kot..My husband dah few times cakap nak bela kucing but I give him a big "NO" sign. Because in the end I know I will be the one yang nak bagi kucing makan, mandikan kucing dan sebagai nya..I don't really have time for that..and I risau Emir kena asthma because of cat's fur..better avoid it..
  • Recently, he's trying to imitate 'peace' sign each time we try to snap his picture. But tak berapa nak jadi sebab it looks more like 'talk to my hand' sign..;)
2 days

1 month

2 months

3 months

4 months

5 months

6 months

7 months

8 months

9 months

10 months

12 months..Up until now Emir is still a free-pacifier baby *yeay!*

12 months

Emir's reading his favorite book..13 months

Emir's attempted to show "peace" sign...13 months

In rabbit park..Emir amazed while pointing to a group of rabbits..he didn't notice there's a rabbit trying to poke him from his back..;)...14 months

Ibu always loves you..You are always be the apple of our eyes..*hug & kisses*


Nozie Yusof said...

salam mira..

emir bam bam mata besar eh mase baby?? chumel..


Cik DaiA said...

Mira....Ko ni wat aku jeles nak kawen n nak ada anak gak. jahat a ko...huhuhuhu..

Baby Stuff said...

best kan mira... tgk dia membesar n belajar satu persatu.. geram ngan kerenah.. tapi seronok melayan..

miralatiff said...

Nozie: Hi Nozie!! Thank You for dropping by! Actually mase die baru lahir mate die tak la besar mane tapi semakin subtle 1 month after..Trademark Emir tu..

Dayah:Tulah..bile nak dapat makan nasi minyak ko ni...Ko kerja kat mane skang?

Kak Lin_baby stuff:Tular makin besar makin banyak a mother kita pon banyak belajar benda baru..Anak akak sangat comel!

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