Sunday, May 16, 2010

Super Crunchy Pizza!

Every Saturday night, NTC Camp (the place which I'm currently staying) is having a "Pizza Day" in which we will be having pizza for dinner..There's also a "Burger Day" on Wednesday..So, the best part on "Pizza Day" is we will have an option to choose whatever toppings we like on our own pizza..Everyone will have their own version of pizza..Pizza ni homemade bukan Pizza yang buat dekat kedai..So memang sangat sedap!
My favorite is bahagian crust tu..memang super crunchy! I can finish off the whole pizza by myself..hehe

My choice for toppings: chicken, mushroom, onion and extra CHEESEEEEE....gemuk la saya kalau everyweek makan pizza macam ni....

Sambil type entry ni sambil makan..*nyum*nyum*

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