Saturday, May 15, 2010

Skin Care Product

Everyone dreams to have a smooth and radiant skin..who doesn't aite?? It is very important for us to take care our skin since muda remaja..Jangan tunggu muka dah ade line-line halus tu baru nak cari skin product to rejuvenate back your skin, at that time it's already too late!
When it comes to skin product, I would say that I am a loyal user of which skin product that I use..I started to use facial cleanser when I was 13 years old..At that time I just entered boarding school...Masa tu I tak tau lagi pentingnya to take care of my skin sebab kulit masa itu adalah sangat muda remaja...takde masalah jerawat langsung..and my very first facial cleanser was Olay Total White...sebab the price is reasonable for budak-budak sekolah macam I masa itu..I'd been using Olay for almost 3 years (lama kan??) then at the beginning of Form 3 (as far as I could remember..) pimples started beranak-pinak atas muka I yang suci itu...hehe..My mom suggested to change to Tricia's Tea Tree Facial Gel sebab maybe Olay dah tak berapa sesuai for my skin masa tu...Sekejap jer pakai Tricia's sebab macam tak berapa berkesan sangat..Kalau tak silap I, I just used it until final drop then I switched to Pure & Mild Facial Product...
I really like Pure & Mild Facial Cleansing Foam.. The texture is a white creamy paste and it smells good too..It has light floral scent but not too strong..After cleansing, skin feels soft and smooth, and squeaky clean! I love to touch my face after washing, it just feels so good!..Beleive it or not I used this product since then until I graduated..tak pernah tukar langsung! I've told you I ni pengguna yang setia..In addition to that I also used Pure & Mild Brightening Emulsion and Pure & Mild White UV Protector..tu pon lepas I masuk university..beli pakai duit scholarship...
After I started working, I changed to Dermalogica Skin Product after being consulted by facial therapist during my first facial treatment..My job requires me to work outdoor under the sun most of the time thus I really need intensive care of my skin..What I like about Dermalogica product is you can analyse your skin type by using Perfect Skin Care’s Dermalogica real-time skin analysis..It's like face mapping analysis in which your face will be divided into zone..By doing that you'll know which Dermalogica skin product suits for your face..My face is dry and a little bit oily, so my facial therapist recommended me to use Dermalogica Essential Cleansing Solution, Dermalogica Daily microfoliant, Dermalogica Multi-Active Toner and for moisturiser Dermalogica Active moist..Besides that I also use Dermalogica Oil-Free Matte Block for sunscreen..It has SPF 20 to protect skin from ultraviolet ray..

Perfect Skin Care’s Dermalogica real-time skin analysis *Source

Dermalogica Essential cleansing solution

It has a milky texture and water-soluble. Apart of using it as a cleanser, I also use it as make-up removal. Easy to rinse off leaving the skin refreshingly clean, soft and supple.
Dermalogica Daily microfoliant

Oh! I really like this scrub!..This unique, rice-based enzyme powder microfoliates dulling debris and instantly leaves the skin noticeably smoother and brighter. Just need to put a little bit of this microfoliates powder and mix with water, apply to your face and massage gently.
Dermalogica Multi-active toner
This is my favorite product ever! It's odour-less and I feel refresh after using it. Sometimes in the mid day I just simply spray over my face..

Dermalogica Active moist

This light-weight, oil-free moisturiser absorbs without a trace, creating an invisible barrier against moisture loss.

Dermalogica Oil free matte block SPF 20

Yang best about this sunblock is ianya tak sticky and absorb really fast into your skin. Muka tak nampak berminyak even long after applying it.

My new addition of Dermalogica product.

Dermalogica Skin hydrating masque & Dermalogica Skin Resurfacing Cleanser
So far I am quite satisfied with this range of product..I've been using these product for almost 3 years now..Pernah jugak rasa nak tukar to other skin product..SK II perhaps?? Anyone yang pernah try any SKII product silalah beri pandangan anda yer...
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Aida Narina said...

tried dermalogica's samples and they are good! Ingat nak try facial wash and toner, owh kulit i sangat lah susah nak jaga mira. Sampai kan i rasa nak cepat tua, sebab tak akan ada masalah jerawat and black spots :p U punya skin type apa mira? Kalau combinations, kita sama boat lah ni. Boleh i tanya2 u apa yang bagus. Tapi SA dermalogica sangat baik kan? I selalu dapat samples semata2 tanpa beli :p

miralatiff said...

Aida: Mira nyer skin type dry and oily sikit..Dermalogica's product memang sangat best far mmg mira puas ati pakai..jerawat memang less..once in a blue moon tu ade jugak but mmg kurang than sbelom pakai product ni..
SA dermalogica sangat polite and baik..mira pon suke collect sample and one of the reason sebab packaging die sangat comel and kecik2..boleh bwk travel g mane2..Nanti kalo aida nak tanye ape2 just drop me a message k..*hug n Kisses*

blackcardomompods said...

bgus tak utk dry skin?sjk dtg sini,abis kulit jadik garing..huhuhu

miralatiff said...

bcp..sangat bagus untuk kulit kering..before use this product kulit mira mmg sangat kerja pulak dekat negara yang less humid..Alhamdulillah so far kulit dah tak kering lagi lepas pakai product ni and pimples pon jarang muncul..

Weather yang sejuk memang akan menjadikan kulit kita kering..kena selalu pakai moisturiser..moisturiser dermalogica memang highly recommended..

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