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Offshore Survival + Free Vacation Malta, 2009

My trip to Malta was on October, 2009. It was not really a vacation trip though and this was my second time in Malta. I was attending an offshore survival course (for those whom work on the offshore rig needs to attend this course) which happened to be held in the most remarkable country in southern Europe. Malta is one of Europe's smallest and most densely populated country.

I arrived in Malta International airport on 18th October 2009 after a long flight from Kuala Lumpur. Usually, if I travel anywhere for business purposes, my company will arrange everything from flight ticket, hospitality and assigned driver to pick me up when I arrived. As soon as my luggage was clear from custom, I walked happily, expecting someone waiting for me outside the arrival. In the same time, I crane my neck looking for someone who holding my name.

After waiting for like half an hour, still no body came to pick me. Gosh..I started to become panic. Dah lah sorang-sorang and the place pulak I was not really familiar with. I tried to calm down and still waiting. 1 hour passed. Still no body. I need to do something. I tried to call the person who in-charge but no answer.I reckon it was Sunday and they are not working. D*amn..

Then I remember that Ochee once told me, he met a Malaysian couple who's staying in Malta last trip he was here. Immediately I called Ochee, he gave me the phone number. I dialed the number. Pheww..I was lucky they answered my call! After a long explanation, convincing her that I am Ochee's friend, Shah came to pick me up. Shah was my savior!! I rasa kalau Shah tak amek I sure I tidur dekat airport hari tu.

Shah brought me to her so called home. Shah and her husband,Jeff dah duduk dekat Malta for almost 5 years. Her husband's taking care one of the boat in Malta. They even live in the boat!! Boat ni bukan boat yang kecik tau..Boat yang besar! The boat named Blue Leopard and its belong to one rich guy from one of the country in Europe which I don't remember. Basically Jeff does the maintenance work on the boat. According to Jeff, Malta has 3 harbours and well known as tempat parking luxury boat, ships and ferry.

Yours truly dengan pose ayu tapi muka sangat lebar masa ni..Hmmpphh..

It was spring season when I was there. So the weather agak sejuk but still bearable.

Gzar..banyak boat2 yang parking dekat sini..

A bit information about Malta,
Malta is a group of seven islands in the Mediterranean Sea. Only the three largest islands - Malta, Gozo and Comino - are inhabited. Malta, in the heart of the Mediterranean, is a melting pot of civilisations with a history stretching back thousands of years. The country has been inhabited since around 5200 BC and a significant prehistoric civilisation existed on the islands prior to the arrival of the Phoenicians who named the main island Malta, meaning safe haven. Later the islands were for centuries the seat of the Order of Knights of the Hospital of St John and then part of the British Empire. Malta became independent in 1964.The national language is Maltese, which is part of the Semitic language family that includes Arabic. English is also recognised as an official language, and many Maltese also speak Italian.Tourism is important in Malta but the island also has an expanding services sector.*Source
Jeff and Shah took me to dinner and later they sent me to the hotel. I was staying in Vivaldi Hotel which located in Saint Julian, Malta. The room was quite spacious for only one person. There's two queen bed and my room's facing sea view.

My room

I tak banyak jalan-jalan sangat since my course started the next day and it was from 7 in the morning till 5 in the evening everyday. By the time I reached hotel it was already 6 in the evening and most of kedai close at 7 except the restaurant and pub.

The next day during breakfast, I met two guys who are working with me in Libya. So tak la boring sangat. They are very good companions besides being my loyal bodyguard. *wink*

Matheus and Anwar..Teman Tapi Mesra @ Kawan ber'camwhoring' masa dekat Malta..hehehe

But dalam tak de masa tu, I sempat la jugak visit few places sebab ada geng yang nak pergi jalan-jalan sekali. Kalau I sorang memang stay dekat bilik jer la..On the second last day. We took a bus from Saints Julian to Gzar (Jeff and Shah place) sebab Mahtheus nak tengok boat. Then we off to Sliema. From one to other places actually tak berapa jauh sangat because Malta pon tak la besar mana.

Admiring the beautiful scenery

Rock Jungle...Malta congested with building..

In Halfar..Seronok tengok makcik-makcik ni fishing..

During the course,

I was the only girl in our class. My classmates came from all over the world. From left Australian-Libyan-Italian-French-Canadian-Brazilian-Malaysian Truly Asian..=)

The water was so cold. I was shivering the whole time

The last day in Malta, was on my birthday. Sangat sedih sebab celebrate sorang-sorang. At that time, I really wished my husband and Emir were around.

Overall, it was a great experience and I would recommend Malta to be a place you must visit if you are coming to Europe.

Thank you for reading!


angels of the moon said...


Paling suka..gambo yg ke-18. Cari gak mane meera, tgk2 yg paling :D

miralatiff said...

Nana:hehehe...terase diri mase tu macam orang kerdil...

ElyaElmo said...

syoknyee dpt gi oversea ....wuuuuuu
kan best klokampeni elya pun hantar gak mcm ni:)

miralatiff said...

Hi Elya..Thanks for dropping by!
InsyaAllah kalau ade rezeki mane tau company Elya baik hati nak hantar pegi course kat oversea...
Masa kerja ni dapat peluang nak jalan2..dulu mase jadik student budget takde..=)

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