Saturday, May 15, 2010

I Blog About Photography – Pick Me!

I got to know about this contest from my dear cousin Ida. Thank You dear!
About this contest, organized by Mombloggersplanet. More details you can refer to here.

How to Enter?
Simply follow the steps here and answer all the questions.

1. Blog Name / URL
The Dreamland of Mira /

2. When do you start blogging?
I started blogging on November,2008 when I had a long 6 months maternity leaves. I figured out blogging really helps to kill my time and since then I enjoy every bit of it.

3. Introduce yourself and your blog
People called me Mira and I am a full-time working mother to a little cute boy Emir Faiz. My blog is mainly about my daily life, my job, my family and things that I would like to share with others.

4. Why do you blog about photography?
Just simply because I love photography because I believes that every single photo has its own story. Currently I just addicted taking kids photo especially I have my own model now (my son). Aren't they just so adorable?? I first bought a digital camera in June 2006 - Lumix Digital Camera and afterwards I bought DSLR - Canon 350D camera in December 2007. Since then I become so passionate towards photography. Slowly I started to have lense collections and accessories for my SLR camera. I also believes that it doesn't matter what camera you are using to take picture as long as you have basic photography skills, you may shoot an excellence and good photos.
I also a Premium member of ThePhotoMama Community. It is online photography lessons organized by noted photographer Saiful Nang.

5. Do you make money with your photography blog?
Not yet. I just do it for fun. But who knows someone would hire me to take their sweet moment. InsyaAllah.

6. Why should we pick your photography blog?
Mainly because I want to make some friends which I can share my passion towards photography with them. Secondly, I want traffic for my blog. ♥

The Prize

*drumroll please*

1. Your photography blog will be featured here on Mom Bloggers Planet!

2. Your photography blog will be listed under MBP Photography Blogs Wall of Fame! <<--I like!!

3. Lots of Free publicity to your photography blog!

I know your blog also have fantastic pictures..Grab this opportunity and let's join this contest!

Thank you Mom Bloggers Planet!!


ibu_Arifa said...

wah..bestnyer.. good luck yer Mira.

salam perkenalan dari saya :)

miralatiff said...

Ibu Arifa: Thank You...Nice knowing you too! Arifa sangat comel macam mama dia jugak!

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