Tuesday, May 18, 2010

Enjoying my shower time..

My husband once complained why do I always spend quite some time in the bathroom while taking shower and him, on the other hand, just take less than 15 minutes showering and getting ready..Well..Guy is always a guy...

For me, I feel more calm when I take shower...As if all my problems that have been always burden me drained away with the water....Have you ever felt that when you are showering, you are tend to get a lots of idea or you might also do some thinking while enjoying your 'mandi' time? Well, I do!! *weird* kan??

Hence, I enjoy my shower time even more by using this....

China Blue Moisture Rich Foaming Bath by Marks & Spencer and China Blue Hand Lotion

I love its floral smell and the good thing is it stays for hours..I wouldn't miss buying this particular shower gel each time I had a chance to go to Marks & Spencer..and I akan beli sekali 3 or 4 for stock..so greedy!

Just for you to know that China Blue falls under floral collection and Marks & Spencer also offers other Floral Collection like Camelia, Magnolia, Lavender, Iris and Rose..I've tried Lavender..it also smells good..Needless to say, I like them all..Besides shower gel, M & S extends their product range ie. talcum powder, shower cream, roll-on, hand and body lotion and soap..

For those who are interested, kindly head yourself to nearest Marks & Spencer store or you can buy the products online simply click here.

Have a nice shower time..
Have a nice day! =)


Husna Hadzarami said...

boobatin = word verification kat bawah ni buat aku tergelak lak :p

mesti mahal shower gel M&S ni.
ai tak mampu.
*sob sob*

nice layout anyway..

miralatiff said...

husna, actually for one bottle of this shower gel can last long for almost 1 month..but ikut penggunaan masing2..kalo nak jimat pakai sponge sebab even ko letak sikit pon buih banyak!! plus sangat wangi!!

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