Tuesday, May 18, 2010

If you do not want your life to be wasted..

It's good to have everything organized and put in order..I like to see my house clean and tidy especially in my kitchen, my bedroom and also my closet..In other words 'sedap mata memandang'..But being a mom and working mother, it is quite challenging sometimes to keep everything in place..For me my son is my main priority when I am at home..I have to entertain him first if he needed me...and not having maid/helper even more intriguing..

Just recently our company launched a new program called 'Lean Program'. Basically Lean is the relentless pursuit/manage of waste elimination. According to Lean, Time will be wasted when not schedule and tracked. Whereby, Tools is wasted when not earning revenue. Talent is wasted when not utilized properly. Time, tools and talent are too valuable to be wasted. With only 24 hours a day, 7 days a week, we couldn't ask for more aight??

To implement Lean, our company introduced 5 S system. I personally think this system can be implemented in any kind of work nature even in our daily life. To make it more understandable, let me put this way..I take my closet for instance..

1. Sort
Sorting out items needed from unnecessary items.. Ohh...this is what I want to do for so long..Ada banyak sangat baju kat rumah tu perlu di-junk or need to give-away..I always had this feeling of 'oh maybe I will need to wear that cloth later' or 'sayang-nya nak buang or bagi dekat orang'...and in the end tak pakai pon and I keep on piling up my clothes collection..*blame my shopaholic hormone*...hehe

2. Stabilized
Straightened the area or things to maximize efficiency. Like putting your clothes in a its proper place/compartment..All scarfs should be in different drawer not to mix with socks..So that tak la spend for hours to find your favorite socks..

3. Shine
Or clean the entire area. Enuff said.

4. Standardized

Standardized procedures to maintain improvements. In our nature of work, it's like a procedure that people should follow..So in my 'closet' case, teach your husband and anak-anak how/where they should put their clothes so that will be in line dengan apa yang ibu dah arranged..

5. Sustained

Keeping up performance against target and ensure discipline. This is the part most people tend to not keep on track. Lazy-ness is one of the biggest factor.

On the different notes, I have to start implementing this 5 S from now on..I do noticed if we really can apply this system, our life will be much better not to mention more organized..

So people, let's do the 5 S!

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