Friday, May 14, 2010

Working Attire

One thing I like about my job which I'm doing now is the fact that I don't have to think which suitable baju to wear for the day...I know that some of you especially who are working in the office will face a tough time in the morning deciding which baju that you want to wear that can match together with your handbag or shoes...

I was on the way back from the rig after spending 3 weeks in the middle of nowhere..That's explain my happy face..('o')

For me, each morning after shower, I just grab a t-shirt (be it long sleeve or short sleeve) and a pair of jeans or trousers (sometimes I just simply wear a tracksuit) with my hijab then I'm ready to go to work...Because during working hours I will wear my blue coverall provided by company for the rest of the day..Come to think again it is really ease me that I don't have to bring a lot of clothes each time I travel to anywhere which related to work..For shoe I always wear something that easy to take off as I have to remove it later on and change to safety boot..normally I opted to wear sport shoe or I just slip in a sandle..isn't it simple and easy peasy??

Me in blue coverall..Yes I look dirty and ugly in this picture..But it is nature of my work 'bermain dengan minyak'

Me, cam-whoring during work..hehe

My loyal dirty-Jalletto safety boot..I've been wearing it for 2 years..Now I have a new one Red-wings...

But once n awhile when I feel like I wanna to dress up a little bit I will wear kemeja with jeans and my favorite Crocs ballerina pumps..Ohh it's so comfy and cute!

Crocs ballerina pumps in purple...I like!

So guys, what do you plan to wear for tommorow?

Have fun dressing up!

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