Tuesday, May 18, 2010

World of Aquatic adventure

The other day, while I was talking to my husband through phone, he mentioned to me about his friends took a diving license..He suggested that we take a diving lesson too..I said "Why not??"...I am so keen to learn scuba-diving for so long...
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Well, right after our conversation ended, I've made some research about diving...Since I've never dive before so I need to find out the basic things about diving so that I will get a picture and know what to expect in later time..

So to make my new experience hassle-free and painless, there's few steps for the new diver like me which I found out from here.

1. Dispel the Myths About Diving
Some misconceptions always keep us hold back from trying a new adventure. According to this article, there's 10 most common myths about diving. Among them, there's few that really caught my attention..

-Certification is way too expensive!
I can't deny this..Even when I asked my husband how much do we need to pay per lesson, I was surprised! But come to think again, bila lagi nak cuba..life is short, better enjoy it!

-I have to buy a ton of gear just to learn
I guess now we can just rent, no?? Sebab rugi kalau beli gears than pakai once in a blue moon jer..But wetsuit memang kena ada la kan...takkan nak share dengan orang lain...so not hygienic!

-You have to be a speedo-sporting competitive swimmer to be a diver
Daa~~Now a days womens are able to do what man can do..Personally I don't think this statement is relevant anymore..

2. Get Started
Learning to dive involves three phases: academic study that includes the physics and physiology of diving; confined-water training (often called pool training) to learn and practice basic skills; and open-water checkout dives to prove mastery of basic dive skills. I guess I will jump straight to the last one! hahaha

3. Find a Good Dive Shop Near You
Dive shop meaning a diving school..Need to find a good instructor..I need to ask hubby's friend about this!

4. Buy Some Gear
I will just rent! I dah ada wetsuits...Ooh I need to buy my own goggle!

*Picture from Google

5. Pick a Destination, Any Destination
It depends on where I can find the good diving school..My husband told me Pulau Perhentian or Redang is among the best spot to dive..Pulau Sipadan is too far la..

*Picture from Google

6. Talk to Other New Divers
Talking to other new divers, as well as experienced ones, will help you get through your jitters, provide you with tips and techniques for making diving safer, easier and more fun, and answer any questions you might have.

Only one thing which concern me now, according to my husband this diving course may take like 4 days and I just have 3 weeks in Malaysia...I definitely can't tag along Emir sebab nanti takde siapa nak jaga dia...Meaning 4 days in Malaysia without Emir..Arghh Nooooo....Thinking of asking my mom to come with us..

Anyone who had dive before, mind to share with me??


ibu_Arifa said...

wah..saya pun ada niat nak belajar scuba diving jugak.. tapi tak kesampaian lagi sampai ke hari ni..

miralatiff said...

Ibu Arifa..kene try once in a life time..Since my husband dah sebut pasal ni saye pon mesti la kene try...
Jom join saye!

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