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Family Escapade: Krabi, Thailand 2009

I have been procrastinating to blog about this trip for like..ermmm..let me think..almost 6 months!!..hehe...I edited all pictures and uploaded in FB but I don't really have time to blog about it.

Well..This trip was on September, 2009. Right after Eid Fitri in 2009. Trip was well planned by my husband. Each time when I got back home, he will arrange a family trip to somewhere far from hectic Kuala Lumpur. It was my second *rotation from work after I delivered Emir, my husband chose Krabi as our vacation trip. *the drill is if I work for 6 weeks, I will be having 3 weeks days on and so forth..

We took AirAsia Go Holiday Package which consist hotel accommodation and flight tickets for three of us for 4 days. It was quite a good bargain and if I book hotel separately, the cost will be a huge different. With AirAsia Go, you can choose your hotel rated from 1 star up to luxurious 5 stars..If ada budget lebih boleh pilih hotel yang mahal sikit..It all depends on your itinerary. As for us, we don't really spend our time at the hotel sebab according to our plan banyak jalan-jalan and site seeing, so we opted hotel yang average jer..

Our flight to Krabi was early in the morning, I reckon it was 7 or 8 o'clock in the morning...We need to be at the airport around 1 hour before departure to check-in and stuff. Journey from the airport from our house roughly will take 45 minutes to 1 hour depends on the traffic, therefore we need to bertolak from rumah around 5 o'clock in the morning. Just imagine, me and the baby getting ready at 4-5 o'clock in the morning ain't that easy..To make things become worst, we woke up late!! If not because my son woke up crying, I think we might miss our flight and forget our hoilday trip. I gave gazillion kisses to Emir sebab kejutkan ibu that morning. Ni semua angkara last minute packing..typical me!

I was also lucky because my MIL was at our house on that day. So while me and husband running to the counter, I'd got someone to hold Emir. Thanx Mak!!Otherwise, memang semput or else miss the flight. Lesson learned from that incident, pack your luggage as early as possible, recommended one day before you travel especially if you're having a baby. I will never forget what happened on that particular morning for my whole life..hehehe

This trip was a third time we traveled with Emir by plane. Emir was behaved well in fact he was sleeping as soon as the plane took off all the way to Krabi. Good boy. As we arrived in Krabi, it was around 10 or 11 in the morning. Thailand time is one hour late than Malaysia time. The flight took about 2 hours and 30 minutes. At first we thought of renting a car, then plan changed and we just took a cab to the hotel instead. Lagipon tak familiar dengan jalan-jalan dekat situ and I was worried that we might get lost. Airport and our hotel is not that far, just 15 minutes drive.

Just arrived. Emir was sleeping from Kuala Lumpur to Krabi due to kena bangun awal on that day.

We stayed at Maritim Park & Spa Resort. The hotel located in Muang Krabi. The hotel is so-so la. Not as luxury as it claims to be a four stars hotel. The grounds and the exterior of this hotel are imposing, very impressive. However our room, though very spacious and with a pleasant view from the balcony, was dingy. Lighting was feeble, the bed was hard, and the decor was tatty. We also thought the breakfast was poor , everyday was the same variety of foods and not as we are expected. Once maybe a good hotel with a very special garden/lagoon environment with large potential, but it is not well maintained and very scruffy. Me and husband quite disappointed with the hotel.

View from our balcony. Dekat belakang tu ada Lagoon..

First day, we just stayed at the hotel sebab sangat penat as a result of slept late and rushing to the airport. After late lunch, we all tiga beranak terus dozed off. The second day was not really our lucky day, sebab hujan selebat-lebat nya from the afternoon until petang. After the rain stopped, we all get ready pergi jalan-jalan kejap around lagoon which is in the hotel compound and then getting ready to Krabi town for dinner. It is quite hard to find halal food in Krabi, we end up with seafood jer. Tomyam goong in Krabi not as tasty as in Bangkok TomYam in Bangkok sangat berlemak and pedas. As a TomYam lover, I was quite frustrated la.

After a long rainy day, we finally out of our room and jalan-jalan around hotel and managed to shoot some pictures..

On the third day, the weather was excellently bright and sunny. We decided to check out Ao Nang beach. It took us around 15-20 minutes from hotel to Ao Nang beach. Ooh lupa nak cakap yang our hotel takde beach. Another down side of the hotel. That was the first and last time we all stay kat situ!

Oh boy..I was jawed down the moment we reached Ao Nang. Kept telling my husband why we didn't choose to stay in Ao Nang. Along Ao Nang beach there's a lot of hotels, restaurants, clubs and Spa. Memang ramai tourist dekat sini compared to our hotel area. Mainly because it much closer to the beach. Nak makan pon senang because you have a lot of options. There's a lot of activities that you can do in Krabi other than sunbathing like island-hopping, scuba diving, snorkeling or kayaking.

Okaylah, let's pictures do the talking now. *scroll down please*

On the way to Ao Nang. We rode a so call bus. It seems more like a lorry to me.

Ao Nang Beach

We decided to take a boat and island-hopping. There's few island around Ao Nang.

Emir's first experience ride on the boat! Minah Brazilian in front of us is so damn hot!

Emir's snagging Ayah's shirt all the way to the island maybe dia takut boat tu macam tak berapa nak stable sangat.

Emir's wailed his lung out sebab tak nak duduk atas pasir tu. On the other hand, Ibu sibuk nak buat pose gedik di situ..

Breath-taking scenery.. See the blue water and white sand. I will definitely visit Krabi again!!

My first attempt snorkeling. Hehehe. I almost drowned at first, then my hubby showed me the right way to paddle my feet..

Emir recharged his energy. He was such a sport and behaved very well.

Krabi was affected by tsunami. I saw few "Evacuation Site" sign along Ao Nang beach.

Our flight back to Kuala Lumpur was in the afternoon on the fourth day. So after breakfast, kami bawak Emir mandi in the swimming pool for his very first time. Emir really enjoyed it! Sampai tak nak keluar from swimming pool.

Eventhou the trip was not like we expected due to the weather and hotel condition, we somehow did enjoy our trip to Krabi. It was a great experience and looking forward to return back to Krabi. I would highly recommend Krabi to bakal pengantins yang tengah plan for honeymoon.

Some tips flying with a baby/ an infant (for 1-2 hours flight):
  • Allow plenty of time at the airport for check-in. (Lesson learned!)
  • Get on the plane first and off the plane last to get a better chance of assistance from cabin crew.
  • Pack a small bag with just one diaper, a few wipes, a perfumed nappy sack and some rash cream if needed and place it in the seat pocket in front of you. Kalau boleh salin diaper siap2 before departure.
  • Don't forget to bring finger food if the baby started eating solid food.
  • Wrap toys to add to their entertainment value. Rattles or any kind of toys that is light and easy to carry or the last resort your phone also will do.
  • Don't let your baby sleep right before departure, kalau boleh kasik baby penat betul2 and for sure baby will doze off on the plane.
  • Travel light. Kalau boleh bawak apa yang perlu sahaja on the plane. Yang tak perlu sila letak dalam luggage and check in.
  • Forget about style when choosing your traveling clothes - go for comfort, ease of wear.
Thank You for reading!


Nariko said...

alaa bestnye emir x meragam, i teringin nk holiday bawak mya tp tak leh byg kalau dia ngamuk ke.. aduuhh.. mesti kelam kabut

miralatiff said...

Azie_Nariko: At first Mira pon risau if Emir gets cranky on the plane..Segan jugak kalo anak kite mengamuk dalam plane kan..but after few attempts I can conclude that as long as our baby is occupied and he/she feels comfortable,baby will not gets cranky..
Mase mira still breastfeed Emir lagi senang..Dia start nak menangis jer terus bagi breastfeed..terus diam and tido..

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